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    For Want of a Sock

    For Want of a Sock

    Socks for protecting your weapon?

    Of all the clothing items you keep in your wardrobe, the one article you probably take for granted the most would be your socks. This is really quite understandable. Socks come five bucks a dozen and they are worn through all the time.

    Some consider them an essential component of the dress code, others find them a nuisance, and many more just don’t care. But the truth of the matter is that a sock is good for more than just covering your feet. They are also necessary components of quality gun keeping as well.  

    Any gun owner should not disregard the importance of a good gun sock in protecting their weapons. Whether they are kept out in the open, under your bed or in a safe, socks provide all sorts of benefits to maintaining the quality and condition of your gun. So let’s look at several of the most important reasons socks are so necessary.

    Preserving the Action

    The biggest thing a gun sock can do for your gun is protect it from dust. Now, safes are commonly airtight so you don’t have to worry about dust getting inside. However, if you only own one or two small rifles, you probably do not have a safe—too much of an expense for things you could easy keep in a closet or under your bed. A gun sock will keep the dust off, thereby preserving the action of your weapons for longer periods of time and protecting that all important finish.

    Maintaining Oil Levels

    Speaking of protection, gun socks can help your weapon in another important way: maintaining the oil levels. Every gun owner knows that in order to keep the gun operating correctly, they need to regularly clean and oil it so it will never backfire or jam. The reason that your gun needs re-oiled periodically is because the oil evaporates into the air. A gun sock, however, can prevent oil levels from escaping in greater quantities. Yes, you will still need to re-oil during each cleaning. But, it will delay the next session by a little bit.

    Dresser Camouflage

    The third big reason you should consider keeping your gun in a sock is to keep it concealed. This is especially important if you do not own a gun safe and have to hide your self-defense weapon in the drawer. If a robber decides to go in there and try to find your weapon, a sock will provide the perfect concealment in case they decide to dig through your drawers. Furthermore, if they do find it, you can catch them off-balance as they try to take it out of the sock. This could provide you with a prime opportunity to subdue the intruders before they decide to do something rash.

    These three reasons are possibly the biggest ones you will want to utilize a sock for protecting your weapon. Here at Safe & Vault Store, we do carry gun socks specifically designed for carrying and holding weapons of all lengths and calibers.

    So be sure to browse around for the right ones and don’t be afraid to contact us at 800-207-2259 if you ever have questions. Also be sure to subscribe to receive weekly updates from this blog as well as our website. 



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