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    Top 14 Most Secure Storage Vaults In The World

    Governments and private companies go to great lengths to safeguard their assets and treasures. People have a great fascination with impenetrable places that hold the mystery of what is stored and how secure they are.  Some of the most protected places in the world safeguard billions of dollars in gold and diamonds. What you might find surprising is the plant seeds, films, books and music you may not think are worth protecting being found in similar places.

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    The Most Secure Vault is The United States Bullion Depository, A.K.A. Fort Knox

    Top 14 Most Secure Storage Vaults In The World


    What is known about this place is all the country's gold is supposedly stored there. The measures of protection are highly classified and the actual vault sits right in the middle of a very large army base.  It contains a 22-ton vault door that we know of and it takes 10 people just to “unlock” it. Due to the sophistication of the technology the army has no one has been able to get within miles of Fort Knox undetected.


    Svalbard Seed Vault

    Top 14 Most Secure Storage Vaults In The World


    Next, deep inside a secluded island abandoned coal mine lies the Svalbard seed vault. It is 390 feet inside a sandstone mountain impenetrable by any means and designed to protect agricultural seeds from a global extension event. The first seeds arrived in 2008 and it holds about 1.5 million distinct seed samples. Virtually every plant that we know of has seeds hidden deep inside the vault.

    One surprising aspect of the vault is the art on display. Thanks to a law made by the government of Norway any building being constructed with government funds over a specific amount must contain art.


    Hard Rock Vault

    Hard Rock Vault


    Deep underground in the heart of London lies the Hard Rock Vault. It is home to priceless musical treasures ranging from handwritten lyrics from the Beatles to artifacts from Jimmy Hendrix. It is situated below the Hard Rock Café in London which used to be the former Coutts Bank. To give you an idea of how secure it is the Queen once held her treasury there before it was converted into the Hard Rock.

    Hard Rock Vault Inside a salt mine in Kansas you will find the original film negative for The Wizard of Oz, Casablanca and other priceless films. The humidity and air temperature are always constant thanks to the millions of years of salt deposits. 

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    Here are a few more of the most secure locations

    • The Swiss Vaults
    • The Iranian gold Reserve (location unknown)
    • The Antwerp Diamond Center
    • JP Morgan Chase gold vault
    • Federal Reserve Bank vault of Cleveland
    • Dominion Bank Vault
    • The London Silver Vaults
    • The Gold Vault in Dubai

    These vaults play a significant role in the global economic and political control of assets and values; the idea of safeguarding treasures is not new, however. Dating all the way back to the Egyptian tomb of the Pharaoh Ramses II where a little box contained a lock we have been developing ways and engineering vaults to safeguard our treasures ever since.

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