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    Glass Plate Relockers

    Glass plate relockers represent the pinnacle of safe security and a great option to protect your valuables from unwanted intruders. While once these may have been the stuff of fiction and heist movies the technology has finally trickled down to the average consumer and can be found in almost any top of the line safe available today. So, how do glass plate relockers work? Here we’ll go into some of the basics of operation and why glass plate relockers are able to drastically increase the security of your home safe.


    How Do They Work?

    Glass plate relockers are one of the state of the art anti-theft mechanisms that is becoming more popular in top of the line safes. This system has proven to be a great asset for safes in protecting them from a frontal assault method of burglary. The basic idea is that a tempered glass plate is installed between the door and the locking mechanism that when broken electronically trigger a series of hardened relocker pins. These pins are usually located in key positions in the safe that will prevent the safe from being opened unless each is individually dismantled which usually goes beyond the time constraints of a burglar.

    When Are They Necessary?

    Glass plate relockers really shine when it comes to certain methods of safe cracking. They won’t do much good against old-school lock manipulation or digital key generators but they are perfect for specific cracking methods that are very common today. Weak point drilling is the most common reason that glass plate relockers are installed. If a burglar is able to drill in a specific place and compromise the security of your safe you might be out some valuables if it weren't for glass plate relockers. Another instance where they shine is scoping. Burglars will drill a hole so that they can monitor the locking mechanism while they toggle the lock. However, if they break the glass while drilling a scoping hole they’ll be out of luck. Lastly, if someone is short on time and hoping to get into your safe they’ll be sorry to hear about the glass plate relockers. Any safe can be cracked with enough time, relockers just increase the time needed and often make it unfeasible to finish the job in the allotted time.