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    Hollon 2 Hour Fire Rated Office Safes

    Hollon Office Safes Introduction

    Hollon HS-750E 2 Hour Office Safe

    Office safes are the next step up from our home safe series. They come with larger bolts at 1" thick. This series is a 2-hour fire-rated and 30-foot impact rated. That is to simulate the collapse of a building during a fire. All models are equipped with a bolt down hole and hardware to secure it to any foundation. The office safe series is our in-between line as it fits in between our home safes and our fire and burglary safes. Designed with stronger security than a home safe, but not as much as the fire and burglary series. Giving this series a very good price point for the protection. Many office safes are sold for both the home environment and for commercial usage.

    The CE keypad is rated for heavy commercial use and actually has a failure rate of below 0.5%. This is much lower than the industry average of a 2% failure rate by the large lock manufacturers here in the USA. A special feature these safes come with is a detent and auto-locking feature that locks the safe automatically when the door gets closed which really helps in a fast-paced environment where going through the actual locking of the safe is often skipped over until the end of the workday. The detent feature ensures that your safe is locked every time you close the door automatically, thus increasing security and helping to lower internal theft.

    Each model starting with the HS-750E comes with a key locking drawer for added security of petty cash. All office safes have a grooved door seal that helps keep the safe water-resistant in case of water during a fire such as a sprinkler system or fireman's hose. Note that is not waterproof. That would imply that we are expecting floodwaters to rise and cover the entire safe. If you're wanting to protect against that type of water rise, you can always get waterproof bags to put your items in, then put them into the safe.

    We make 8 different model sizes in our office safe series, starting with the:

    • HS-610E
    • HS-750E
    • HS-880E
    • HS-1000E
    • HS-1200E
    • HS-1400E
    • HS-1600E
    • Double Door HS-1750E
    Thank you for your interest in the Hollon Office Safe series of safes. If you have any questions regarding these models, please call us today at 800-207-2259.