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    Home Delivery

    Thankfully home delivery is quickly becoming standard practice when purchasing a safe. This will save you a load of worry and work and make buying a new safe a much less of a troublesome experience. Here we’ll look at some of the basic options for home delivery that the online Safe & Vault Store can offer for home delivery. This includes basic service as well as white glove in home delivery for starters.

    Basic Delivery If you’ve ordered something that weighs less than 120 pounds but haven’t elected for garage or white glove delivery than your safe will arrive during normal business hours via FedEx or UPS. If you’ve ordered a safe that weighs more than 120 pounds but didn’t elect for garage or white glove delivery than your safe will be delivered by a common freight carrier and arrive on your curb on a pallet. A telephone call from the freight company will set a date for delivery with a window of 4-8 hours that is usually (but not always) adhered to. Most common freight carriers deliver exclusively on Monday to Friday. Garage Delivery So long as your safe weighs less than 800 pounds Safe and Vault Store offers garage delivery for a small fee. What this means that a team of delivery men will leave your safe on a pallet in you garage but there are some minor stipulations. Your driveway cannot be excessively steep or have a grade of greater than 3%. The receiving driveway and garage must be concrete or pavement. Roads with excessive turns, no turn around area, or extremely long driveways are not included in this service. White Glove The Safe and Vault Store also offers a white glove service where they will move the safe to any location in your home. With this service you can call and set up an appointment at your own convenience. The basic guarantee is that the professional white glove movers will move your safe without damaging any property in the process which is quite a feat when you consider the weight of some of these safes. However, there are still a few stipulations to this service. White glove service does not include staircases with more than 20 steps and they will not lift the safe onto a pedestal or platform. That said this is about the best in the business and can make buying a safe a whole lot easier.