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    How to Properly Store Jewelry

    Jewelry is one of the most common items to keep in a home or commercial safe. Jewelry especially has an incredible value to weight ratio that make them perfect items for home or commercial storage in a safe or vault. It’s important that you take a little time to look into proper methods that will help retain the value of your jewelry when planning to store it for extended periods of time. One of the first steps to take in beginning to store jewelry is to get an appropriate storage box. The key here is to have a soft lining in the box to prevent scratching from hard surfaces. Velvet is usually the favorite here but other soft materials would suffice. Additionally you may want something that will let you hang chains so that they won’t get knotted. It’s possible to outfit your safe for this purpose but you could also simply buy an additional box to keep in your safe or vault. As may seem to be a common theme here but temperature and humidity are paramount to proper storage of your gold and jewelry. This will prevent tarnishing for silver and may cause similar problems in other precious materials. You want your storage location to be as dry as possible which can easily be achieved with desiccant packs or an electronic dehumidifier. Temperature is not as important but extremes should be avoided as should rapid temperature fluctuations. Jewelry bags are an important part of storing these valuables. These bags need to be able to breathe to prevent tarnishing and are sometimes also treated with chemicals to prevent tarnishing. It’s usually a small investment that will go a long way in the long run to protect your valuables. Diamonds are a great thing to store because of their value but they can cause problems for other jewelry. Being the hardest gemstone in the world your diamonds are prone to scratching other materials that are stored with them. For this reason you want to store you diamonds in a separate bag or case. Pearls are another tricky item to store because they are incredibly soft when compared to other jewelry and especially prone to damage from improper storage. You need to be especially careful to avoid scratching to retain value on your pearls. It’s best to store them in small jewelry bags as previously discussed and regularly clean them.