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    New Gun for Christmas? Here’s How to stay safe

    Merry Christmas! You’ve just gotten a new gun - perhaps your first gun ever. But with great power comes great responsibility. We’ll teach you how to care for your gun - preserving the weapon’s value and keeping yourself safe.

    Loading and unloading safely

    The first and most important order of business is to become familiar with safe loading and reloading. Carefully read all instructions that come with your firearm. Always assume that your weapon is loaded. Always check and recheck the chamber to make sure it is clear. Firearms veterans will know this, but newcomers may not: Just because you remove the magazine from your semi-automatic handgun or bolt-action rifle, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe. There may still be a round in the chamber. In any case, point your gun down and away from others at all times.

    Keep your weapon clean

    Also, make sure you have the right ammunition for your weapon - this may seem basic, but it’s a mistake people make. If you try to load a 20 gauge round into a 12 gauge shotgun, the result could be a deadly malfunction - resulting in damage to the weapon and potentially to the firer. Along these lines, you should regularly clean your gun to prevent dangerous malfunctions and to keep the firearm operating smoothly. Ideally, you should clean your gun every 3-4 uses. Also, before you rely on your gun to defend yourself, fire at least 50 rounds to clear out any potential hazards. 

    Storing your new gun

    Guns should be kept in a dry and cool place. Humidity, dust, and heat can all cause rust and corrosion. If absolutely necessary, you can protect the gun from the elements by wrapping a sock or a towel around it. But to keep your weapon truly safe, it’s necessary to use a gun lock or a gun safe. Especially if you have children, a gun safe is a necessity. A gun is a very dangerous tool, and you cannot expect that young people will exercise safety or even common sense around such a device. Keep it out of the wrong hands. Even if you don’t have children - a burglar could get their hands on the weapon if it isn’t securely stored in a safe. Guns are expensive - and if a burglar finds it, it could even be used in a crime. You don’t want that possibility on  your conscience. A good gun safe is the only way to prevent it. Looking for a way to store your weapons safely? We offer everything fromgun locks for pistols to large rifle cabinets for storing multiple weapons. Safe and Vault Store can help you keep your weapons and your family protected. 


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