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    Overview - Hayman WS-7 Heavy Duty Wall Safe Video


    Hi, Dye Hawley here, manager of Safe & Vault - here today to talk about the Hayman WS-7 Heavy Duty Wall Safe. The Hayman WS-7 is designed to fit in a 2" x 6" wall, 6" deep. The approximate dimensions including the flange which covers the hole that you put into the drywall is approximately 17" high, 16" wide and 6" deep. The Hayman WS-7 is equipped with a digital electronic lock with a UL Type 1 certification. It's also made out of heavy-duty 1/8" steel in the body and 1/4" steel in the door. This safe has 2 removable shelves so you can either leave them in or take them out. As you can see, this door is extremely heavy. What's really nice about this safe is that the handle and the lock are all recessed so that you can hang a picture or hide it in some other fashion in your home.

    Hayman Safe has been around for over 45 years. They make some of the best quality safes in the industry. The Hayman WS-7 Heavy Duty Wall Safe has a really nice finish to it. It's also easy to install. The Securam lock is recognized as one of the most reliable digital electronic locks. The heavy-duty handle here is not some cheesy little handle made in China. So if you're looking for a high-quality wall safe that is manufactured by a family-owned company that has a great reputation, the Hayman WS-7 wall safe is the only place to go. Thanks for watching. This is Dye Hawley with Safe & Vault If you have any more questions about the Hayman Safe, please give us a call at 800-207-2259.