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    Portable Safes for Frequent Travelers

    Portable Safes for Frequent Travelers


    With a rapidly globalizing world and fewer borders than ever, many people may find themselves frequently traveling for both business and pleasure. An altogether too common complaint and a frequent downer for travelers is theft of personal belongings. Whether for business or pleasure and depending on where you’re traveling you may exude an attractive level of wealth that might make you a target to potential thieves. At times it can be quite difficult to keep your valuables safe in another country without burdening yourself with the heavy equipment you’d like to have. Fortunately, there are some unique portable ‘safes’ available that can give you some additional security and help to protect your belongings while abroad.

    Why Use a Portable Safe?

    The basic idea behind the portable safe is something light and easy to operate that you can take with you anywhere. Admittedly it cannot come with the same level of security as your home or office safe but it is always better than nothing. There’s nothing worse than having your valuables and passport stolen while abroad.

    Most portable safes are lightweight by design and thus fairly limited by the materials available. Many models use a combination of tough canvas and anti-rip fabric with a wire cord that runs through it so that it can be secured to a permanent fixture. Other models may use a tough plastic and a lightweight metal ‘lockbox’ style is not unheard of either. These portable safes are usually designed to fit the small valuables and electronics you might find yourself frequently traveling with. Most will be able to fit a phone, ipod, passport, and money with room to spare. However, don’t expect much more than that. These safes are usually designed with portability in mind above security or storage space.

    Portable Safes for Under $30

    These safes are perfect for the frequent traveler or student who are looking for a reliable and light weight security option. Connect the steel cable to a desk for a secure location for your small valuables such as your wallet, passport, or cellphone in your dorm room or hotel.


    Portable Safes for Under $150

    Vaultek has a rugged airtight weather-resistant safe which has a built-in lock. It features Vaultek's precision-engineered safe technology and anti-impact latch design. The built-in lock allows you to secure the LifePod which adds extra security protection. It also has a backlit LCD capacitive keypad which is touch activated. You will be able to use a master code to get access to the contents of your safe.

    Vaultek LifePod Rugged Airtight Weather-Resistant Safe



    In general, portable safes are best suited to the student travelers that are blanketing the globe in gap years and backpacking trips. Anybody who has had to stay in a sketchy hostel would be thrilled by the idea of a lightweight way to keep their valuables safe. However, these portable safes can also make a great addition to your RV or camping gear. Versatility is the name of the game and really what portable safes excel at. Next time you’re planning to travel remember that you have some options available to keep your valuables safe.


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