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    Safe Brand Breakdown: AMSEC

    When it comes to your valuables and a home safe you can never be too careful to pick the right one. Something important to consider when buying a safe is which brand you want to buy. It’s important to find a brand that you respect for its product and with the integrity to stand behind its product and the name it carries. Most safe manufacturers have a history and a lot of happy customers that can vouch for its reliability. However, it’s still worth it to take some time to investigate the different safe brands out there and find one that’s right for you. A lot of safes are lifetime investments so there’s no rush in choosing the right brand for you. To help you out with the process we’ll look at a popular safe brand today called Amsec. Check out some of the history and products offered and maybe you’ll find that Amsec is the right brand for you.

    Amsec Safes has a long history of safe innovation that goes back to 1940’s America. Initially based out of California, Amsec founder Glenn Hall started with a small operation and a strong desire to build stronger and more secure safes. One of Amsec’s hallmark achievements is the innovation of the round vault door which remained an industry standard for decades. Amsec is also responsible for developing new locking mechanisms and production methods. Additionally, Amsec was one of the first companies to begin working with composite materials and the first company to receive the Underwriters Laboratories TL-15 and TL-30  rating on composite safes. Amsec safes are manufactured in the United States (note the name stands for American Security) which guarantees both a high standard of quality as well as regular jobs for hardworking Americans. Additionally Amsec boasts 24 hour customer support 365 days a year. Amsec understands that safes are long term investments and stands behind their products and the quality that they promise. Amsec offers a wide variety of products to suit any situation. In fact, Amsec produces over 60,000 safes a year between fire safes, data safes, and high security burglary safes. Amsec’s creed is quality and innovation with a strong emphasis on customer support and satisfaction. With over 60 years in the business Amsec has always and will always be a leader in innovation.