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    Security Cameras- Watch Your Home

    Ok, so you have your safe and you put your valuables inside it but is that enough for you? Do you feel more secure knowing that if someone breaks into your home your valuables will be protected?  Wouldn’t you want to catch the burglar if your home does suffer a break-in? How are you going to do that? Enough questions, you need answers and security cameras will give them to you. The average person does not think of the value of home security cameras. Often times we feel safe enough to simply lock our doors and hope for the best. You figure, you live in a safe neighborhood with relatively low crime, there’s no way your home will be a target of a burglary. Think again because that exact reason makes your home a prime target of a burglar.

    Burglars are looking for homes with easy access so they can slip in quietly and slip out unnoticed. Yes, a safe will protect your mega valuables but what about all the other stuff you have in your home? Your TV, couch, clothing, and appliances are all things that could be easily pawned or sold with nobody else caring where they came from.  I call these neighborhoods “Leave It to Beaver Land” after the old television show.  This may sound like a very nice place to live. A real “suburbia” where the neighbors are as friendly as neighbors can be and everybody mows their lawns at the same time on the same day. This may sound nice to you but the false sense of security comes along with it and that’s exactly what burglars are preying on. Some people may feel so comfortable that they won’t even lock their doors because they feel that they are safe enough, big mistake.

    Say you do make a conscious effort to lock your doors and guard your valuables in a safe. A security camera system will help deter burglars away, and help the authorities catch them. Chances are if a burglar sees your home as a target and finds out you have a camera facing your front door they won’t even bother, too much of a risk for them. Well trained cameras will help ID the suspects if your home does suffer a break-in. They have been known to help solve other crimes as well. The authorities always rely on the information they can get from a security camera and value it as an important piece of evidence when it comes to solving crimes. If you want to take the worry about what is going on at your home while you are not there you can follow these simple tips;

    1. Get more than one security camera
    2. Identify the entry points and place cameras so they have full visibility of all entrance points
    3. Have a camera face the front of your driveway and street in front of your home
    4. Do the same with the back of your home
    5. Place a camera wherever you have a motion detector
    6. Place cameras in rooms with big accessible windows
    7. Have alerts sent to your phone or office
    8. Tie your camera system to a home security system

    You can find all types of cameras and systems available to guard your home. It all depends on your budget. The consumer security camera technology has improved drastically. You can find a wide variety of home security cameras. It is recommended that you tie these cameras to a DVR system so you can accurately record date and time data. Some also come with more integrated camera control features and Smartphone capabilities. The options available to you are almost endless. Continuing to lock your doors and hoping will not solve your worry. Take the worry out of the equation by getting a home camera system.