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    SnapSafe 75405 Trunk Safe with Dye the Safe Guy

    Hi, Dye the Safe Guy, Dye Hawley here, Sales Manager for Safe & Vault Store to talk today about the SnapSafe model 75405 Trunk Safe. The SnapSafe 75405 is 42.00" wide left to right, it's 7" high top to bottom and it's 13" deep from the front to back. This safe here can be used under a bed or in the trunk of a car or in an SUV. It's great for storing your weapons or other valuables. You can also anchor it using the anchor holes that come with it in the bottom underneath here. They also provide a handy security cable in case you can't anchor it. The SnapSafe has many extra features. It has hydraulic pistons here to make sure that when you open and close the door that it doesn't slam on your fingers. It has a digital lock here. So it is an electronic keypad lock, battery operated. There is also a key override. So if for some reason the lock would fail, you would have a key that you can get into it.

    There is a nice handle here to open it up. And as you can see it has a great finish on it. The door is 7 gauge steel. Look at that, it is really thick. This is almost a 1/4". Then the body is 14 gauge steel. So it's under an 1/8" but still pretty solid. The other nice feature of this product is that it has a child-resistant pry device here. Look at the size of these bolts. Really nice hefty bolts. So that if someone is trying to break into it it is going to fight back for quite a long time. So whether you want to use the SnapSafe model 75405 for home use under the bed or in a vehicle or in an RV even, it's a great product at a reasonable price.

    So give us a call today at 800-207-2259. We can give you more information on this product. They are in stock and they ship out in a couple of days.

    Dominic Schwebs

    Dominic Schwebs

    Dominic Schwebs, a home safety and security expert with over 15 years of experience is the Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Manager of the Safe and Vault Store. He thoroughly understands the art of building brand awareness and skillful product marketing using the power of social media, crafting informative and engaging blogs, producing podcasts, YouTube videos, and more. Driven by the desire to provide the ultimate user experience, he has helped to build into a top-selling, nationally recognized e-commerce site. He is tireless in his pursuit of creatively expanding content, educating about home and business safes and vaults, and taking the website to the next level. Dominic is proud to live, work, and call Spokane, WA home.


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