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    Summer Security - Are You Covered?

    Summer is almost here, the weather is getting warmer, kids are out of school and everyone wants to enjoy this great time to be outside and bask in the sun, I know I do. Road trips and exotic destinations are calling everybody’s names and vacations are being planned. What a great care free part of the year. Everyone seems happier. Until your lives are shattered by a burglary and you’re sitting there wondering why it happened to you.  Let’s examine some factors of why burglaries happen, especially in the summer months.

    The first is obvious. It is hot outside. The weather stays nice throughout the evening. This is why if you live in a cold winter climate when summer suddenly hits people come out of “hibernation” and fill their summers with activities that will put them away from their homes for prolonged periods of time. Burglars find it easier in warm weather much like the rest of us. Burglars are on average male and between the ages of 15 to 30, with the median age being 23. Most repeat burglars have admitted to stealing as young as 15.

    The combination of a bored adult male who is not at home all day and night is the perfect combination of factors that might lead one to burglarize a home. There are four common factors of why someone will commit a burglary; drugs, money, foolishness and thrill seeking.  Drugs have direct correlations to the summer months. Over 80% of burglars have admitted to committing a burglary because they wanted to acquire money for drugs. Drug use tends to spike during the warmer months because the sense of freedom that comes along with the warm weather will make anyone feel more elated.

    Like I mentioned before kids who abuse drugs are out of school during the summer with little to no “time occupying” activities. Drug use tends to increase when kids who abuse them are bored and have nothing to do. This vicious cycle only increases their need for drugs and not having the means to pay for them. Still wondering why you?

    Maybe your house became a target without you knowing it. Say you left on vacation and thought you had all of your affairs in order before you left. Your newspaper keeps piling up outside because you forgot to stop delivery, the lights are off and its quiet at all times of the day and night, or you happen to tell your friends who told their friends, who told their friends (by this point complete strangers) that you were gone. These simple things that seem insignificant are like hanging an “Open Season” sign above your front door.

    The only thing you have working in your favor is that it takes longer for it to get darker in the summer time meaning more potential witnesses out and about.  Try making it appear that you are home, put up a camera at your door, even if it doesn’t work it will still work as a deterrent. Only tell people you trust that you are gone. The fact is that you should take precaution every time of the year but be extra cautious during the summer months. Even though there are less chances of someone seeing a burglar during the winter because they are cooped up inside, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen at all during the winter. The burglar doesn’t want to be out in the cold like everybody else.

    Even if you think you have it all figured out and you still are sitting there wondering why someone did it to your home you may never know the real answer. Once you understand the potential for summer break-in’s, reducing the chance will allow you to remain care free and maybe you can enjoy your vacation….Now to stop answering work emails while at the beach…