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    The 3 Safest Gun Storage Options

    Proper gun safety is programmed into the majority of gun owners' DNA. It comes with the territory. There are numerous ways to operate and travel with your weapon to ensure that there are no accidental discharges or mishaps, and you may already have gun safes in your home or vehicle for exactly that reason.

    Yet when it comes to safely storing guns, some people fall short. Hopefully, your children and guests will adhere to your advisories not to touch the guns. Period. However, for maximum safety, protection, and peace of mind, you need to be proactive. If you want to safely store your weapons and prevent unauthorized use, then here are some gun storage options to keep your firearms secure.


    1. Trigger Locks Trigger locks are probably the most affordable way to prevent someone from using your firearm without permission. They have an extremely simple design that encloses the entire trigger mechanism to prevent someone from tampering with it. Today, most guns are sold with a trigger lock right in the case, so you may not have to go out and get one if you are planning on purchasing a new firearm. You can also get a cable lock, which prevents the action of the firearm from being closed. In some cases, they can even block a magazine from being loaded or for the cylinder of a revolver to be closed.
    2. Gun Cases Gun cases are often the most notoriously recognized method of gun storage. Easy to find at most sporting goods stores, they can be a preferred method of keeping the gun itself in prime condition while offering owners the ability to securely lock away their firearms. Gun cases can range in design, material, and size and are relatively inexpensive options. Most come with a hard plastic outer shell and some type of cushioning material, usually foam, on the inside to protect the firearm. Others can be soft sheathing cases made from fabric that the firearm can be zipped up in. Gun cases are able to be locked from the outside, preventing unwanted access.
    3. Cabinets and Gun Safes Two of the most secure options when it comes to gun storage, cabinets and gun safes offer a wide range of options. Cabinets are similar to safes, although they are typically considered “less secure” than gun and rifle safes. They provide large spaces for storing weapons and ammo and can be light enough to have in most dwellings. Gun safes present the mac daddy of gun storage options. Created with thick, fireproof steel and a hefty, complex locking mechanism, gun safes are ultimately the best option when it comes to safely securing your firearms. They also provide owners with quality internal storage to ensure that firearms are well protected within the safe.

    The gun storage option you choose will depend on your needs and what you feel is appropriate for your situation. Besides transportability and overall durability, whichever style you choose will range in cost as well. Trigger locks and gun cases can be on the lower end of gun storage costs, while cabinets and gun safes can be a bit more pricey due to a higher quality of security. You should consider your needs and the level of security you intend to achieve.

    For more information about the types of gun storage you can obtain, give us a call today. We’d be happy to find you the best and safest option for your needs.