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    The Best Liberty Safe Torture Tests

    The Best Liberty Safe Torture Tests 

    The crew at Liberty Safe has been known to find creative ways to show the strength and durability of their safes in the best possible way: Torture Tests. So we scoured the internet to find the most extreme and astonishing Liberty Safe Torture Test videos by both independent testers as well as Liberty Safe themselves.

    “We’ve dropped thousand-pound cement blocks on our safes, blown them up with explosives, asked former special ops military members to try prying them open, and even attached one to a helicopter and dropped it from 500 feet in the air,” says Justin Buck, Liberty’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Source: americancattlemen.com 

    8 Explosive Safe Torture Test Videos

    1. 500' Helicopter Drop Test 



    2. Liberty Safe Crash Tests - Derby Hit, Face off and 100 ft. Drop! 


    3. Liberty Safe vs. Competitor Torture Test - 1,000 Pound Cement Block Drop



    4. Gun Safe Explosion Test | Liberty Safe: Head to Head Explosion Test 



    5. TANK vs GUN SAFES!!! 

    For more action packed videos check out the Demolition Ranch.


    6. Liberty Safe Torture Test 

    Kentucky Ballistics.com is one heck of a channel! 


    7. The ULTIMATE TORTURE TEST | Liberty Safe

    Keith Warren Hunting has some of the best hunting content on the web!


    8. Can You Shoot Open A Liberty Gun Safe? 

    SomeRandomDude has a Youtube channel dedicated to blowing stuff up, and seeing what random things can stop bullets! Check it out! 


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