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    Tidel TACC VI Cash Dispensing Safe (TACC 6) Overview with Dye the Safe Guy

    Hi, Dye the Safe Guy here, Dye Hawley Sales Manager at Safe & Vault, here today to talk about one of the industry staples, the Tidel TACC VI (TACC 6). This safe is used in grocery stores, 7-11's, Circle K's, you name it. Whenever you need to get cash and secure cash quickly in a fast-moving environment, this product here is the one to look at.

    Tidel TACC VI Cash Dispensing Safe
    Tidel has been around since 1978. They are arguably the best cash dispensing safe on the market today. The TACC VI (TACC 6) is the top of their beginning line. Let's take a look at the TACC VI right now as we go around. This is a bill validator. So you tell your cashiers and people at your registers, whenever they get $100 or a $50 or excess $20 bills, they feed it in here. They have to punch in a 4 digit pin code. So if you have 3, or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7, cashiers, each one has to put their own pin in. It records in the computer that that money went in from that cashier. There is a huge host of reports that are printed out on this thermal printer that is built into the machine.

    Another great feature about the Tidel TACC 6 safe is that it has a drop slot here. You can drop checks or other important documents that aren't cash related. Plus, you can also store securely behind here other items such as rolled coins to fill up the tubes. Any number of things that you want to keep secure.

    Then, when the money goes into this cassette, you can take the cassette out and then do the final count for your bank deposit each day. The money is secured behind these steel doors and out of the way in case of an armed robbery or burglary. The safe itself cannot be opened unless it is by a courier or the owner of the store. Your everyday employees are not going to be able to have the code to get into the safe.

    Here is where the tubes are loaded. This is what the tubes look like. You put a roll of pennies, nickels, dimes quarters, what have you into the tube here and then there are 88 of these tubes. You can also put cash. You can put $1's, $5's, $10's, $20's to give change to your cashiers if they are running low on $1's or $5's for example. So you basically setup, there are 11 tubes in each one of these 8 areas. You just pre-program it so that you know that it will say right here if it is currency or coin so your employees can go and get the money out quick. And there is a full record to make sure that nobody is stealing money from you.

    Wondering where the rolled coins come? They drop down here in the tube so that your employees can take the rolled coins whether they are pennies, nickels or dimes and put them into the till.

    Another nice feature of the Tidel TACC VI Cash Dispensing Safe is it is a Windows touch screen right here. So even though there is a high turnover in convenience stores, the training on this is very very simple. It's just basically a Windows push button. That is all you have to do. Finally, the Tidel TACC 6 Cash Dispensing Safe comes with a 1-year factory warranty and you can purchase additional years if you want at a very reasonable price. Tidel has literally 1000's of trained service dealers all over the United States and Canada.

    This is Dye the Safe Guy, Dye Hawley signing out. Thank you for watching this video. Give us a call at 800-207-2259 if you have any other questions about this Tidel product or others. We can also provide a custom quote as well.