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    Understanding Gun Safe Fire Ratings

    It's crucial to get the right kind of safe to house your firearms to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. In some cases, your firearms could fall into the hands of a criminal but they could also fall into the hands of your own kids. In fact, up to 89% of accidental shooting deaths among children happen in the home. Yet, one common danger that gun owners often forget about is the threat of a house fire. The fire rating of your gun safe ought to be one of the first things you look at when buying a new safe.

    What makes a gun safe fireproof?

    Unfortunately, many gun owners make the mistake of assuming a gun safe is automatically fireproof. But that isn't the case. Gun safes are made with a material called gypsum that releases water vapor to keep the interior of the safe cool when heated to 262 degrees Fahrenheit. Some gun safes are made with more gypsum than others, giving them a higher rate of fire protection.

    Another factor that goes into a gun safe's fire protection is the thickness of the steel door. Light-weight steel doors on your gun safe can cause the metal to become distorted under intense heat, rendering the safe damaged. Finally, the sealant of the steel door also impacts the gun safe's fire protection. Look for a gun safe that has intumescent fire seals, meaning that the seal remains intact when exposed to extreme heat. Good safes will remain intact when heated above 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

    How do you measure a gun safe's fire resistance?

    Gun safes, laptop safes, and other fire safes are tested in an ASME certified facility. If you have a safe that says it's rated for 60 minutes at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, that means that your safe will last up to 60 minutes in a 1,200-degree fire and that the inside of the safe will stay below 350 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 60 minutes. Remember, if you are getting a safe for your business you may also want to consider other factors and purchase your safe from a store that specializes in business safes.

    Where can I get fireproof floor safes near me?

    It's important that you're not only keeping your guns safely locked away in your safe but also that your safe is protected from the elements such as the high temperatures of a house fire. That's why the Safe and Vault store offers fireproof floor safes to protect your firearms from both fire and burglars. Whether you're looking for fireproof floor safes, gun safes, laptop safes, or safe accessories, Safe and Vault Store has what you need. To learn more about our fireproof gun safes, laptop safes, and more, contact Safe and Vault Store today.