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    What Are The Advantages Of A Floor Safe?

    Safes are a symbol of security and protection, which is often why many homeowners and business owners opt for long gun safes or a burglar fire safe. The safe is a powerful and intimidating statement to those who enter the establishment. However, not everyone prefers to make a statement when it comes to their security and instead prefer to be discreet by concealing their safes in the floor. Floor safes are great for subtle security and can be easily installed in a concrete floor.

    What are the benefits of using floor safes?

    Floor safes are ideal for safeguarding smaller valuables such as cash, jewelry, passports, and gemstones because of the safes' small size. They're also great for burglar protection because they're encased in the concrete floor. For instance, a burglar who breaks into your home or business often won't take the time to tamper with a safe, but will instead lift it or pry it out to break it or steal it. Floor safes are encased in concrete and are unable to be pulled out from the floor. Burglars don't have time to break it open. They also have to find it first. Each floor safe comes with a cover plate which will keep it flush with the floor. You can put a rug right over the top of it so nobody knows it's there. Additionally, floor safes are less common. This means burglars will be less likely to find your safe should they think to look for one. Instead, they'll spend valuable time checking walls and paintings.

    What are the limitations of these safes?

    Unfortunately, safes meant for the floor are only capable of protecting your valuables and money from burglars. They're not fireproof. Despite the fact that the safe is encased in concrete, the door to the safe is not. That being said, the steel door is left vulnerable to potential fires. However, there are burglar and fire safes available that are capable of protecting your valuables from both fire damage and thieves. Size is another limitation when it comes to safes for the floor. This is because the safe needs to be small in order to deter burglars and remain inconspicuous. It's for this reason that these safes are often used for jewelry, money, and other small valuables. Floor safes can be a great addition to your home or business to give you a greater sense of security. For more information about business safes and safes for the home, contact Safe and Vault Store today.