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    Who Benefits from a Safe in the Home or Office?

    There are tons of professionals and private citizens who would benefit greatly from the inclusion of a safe in their home or office safety routine. We’ve had a series on the blog outlining several professionals and the ways in which they can use a safe to their advantage. We’re using this post to just give some basic ideas about the wide range of professionals who would benefit from a safe.


    If your profession isn’t mentioned here, please chime in in the comments.

    Accountants and tax advisors       

    Photographers and other artists        

    CEOs, CFOs, and other company managers     

    Teachers and professors         

    Computer scientists and engineers        

    Software programmers        


    Jewelry designers and makers        

    Interior designers and art consultants        

    Moms and Dads    

    Students (especially those who use a computer and cell phone) -       

    Graphic designers