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    Why is Cannabis Business Security So Important?

    Why is Cannabis Business Security So Important?

    Cannabis security is an important part of developing a comprehensive safety plan for cannabis growers, dispensaries, pharmacies, transporters, and testing facilities to protect assets and to protect employees, vendors, and customers. Although cannabis is currently illegal on the federal level, several states allow cannabis distribution and use. As the number of states that allow cannabis continues to grow, security will continue to be a priority. 

    There are a number of factors to consider when developing a cannabis security plan. Some key factors to consider are securing products, deterring internal theft, deterring burglaries, and the safety of employees and customers. 

    A Good Cannabis Security Plan Should Include

    How Cannabis Businesses Can Handle Larges Amounts of Cash Securely?

    Since cannabis is illegal on a federal level, business banking for cannabis businesses is restricted. Because of those restrictions cannabis businesses often handle a large amount of cash on a daily basis. This cash must be secured. With proper planning and procedures, both product and cash can be handled safely. 

    One of the key things to keep in mind about business security is that if you can deter criminals from attempting to steal from you, they mostly won’t think it’s worth the time.

    Here are some very simple ways to keep money secure at your business:

    • Security cameras are extremely important – they are a deterrent that most criminals will not want to risk.
    • Limit the visibility of the cash on the premises as much as possible. 
    • Keep tills and safes away from the business entrance, and make sure that your employees are the only ones who can access the money.
    • Avoid counting large amounts of money in front of customers and employees. 
    • Use a bank grade currency counter to ensure count accuracy, speed up the money counting process, and avoid accepting counterfeit currency. 
    • Install a high-security burglar fire safe and limit access to it.  
    • Keep money stored in a room that has an electronic or biometric door locks.

    Keep Your Cannabis Product Safe

    When implementing a cannabis security plan, it’s important to ensure that the security devices used to store cannabis products meet federal and state regulations while also protecting your inventory. When choosing a cannabis inventory control safe make sure the safe or vault meets your state regulations. 

    Choose a safe that has a TL-15 or TL-30 rating. These safes are designed for the high dollar value of medical marijuana and cannabis products. The TL-15 rating means it is tested to withstand at minimum a 15 minutes attack, and the TL-30 refers to at least 30 minutes of attack. Also, these ratings will meet insurance standards.

    Safe & Vault Store offers a variety of security devices to help protect business assets including cannabis safes and vaults. 

    The business safety professionals at Safe & Vault Store can help you choose the best business products to protect your assets and develop a cannabis business security plan. Call 800-207-2259 today. 


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