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    The World's Most Impenetrable Bank Vaults

    We talk a lot about the types of safes that you might have in your home or office, but sometimes it’s fun to think about what people do when they have to protect huge (I mean, hugely, crazily immense) amounts of treasures. We have a top 15 list for you of the most impenetrable bank vaults in the world. You can certainly understand why these places require the top protection in the world. I won’t touch on all of these, but if you want a better look at the vaults, make sure you take a look at this website.

    1. Fort Knox – The United States Bullion Depository

    This vault boasts a solid granite wall perimeter, a full-time brigade of guards and military personal, a 22-ton vault door, and a lock so intricate that only a team of 10 people can unlock it.

    2. The New York Federal Reserve Vault

    World’s Biggest Gold Depository The NY Fed Reserve Vault is protected so extremely that people aren’t even allowed in – robots are responsible for moving the massive amounts of gold around and bringing to the employees. What’s more, the vault is guarded by the BEST shooters around – they’re even better than marksmen. All this right under the streets and buildings of Manhattan.

    3. The Bank of England Gold Vault

    4. The London Silver Vaults

    5. Teikoku Bank, Hiroshima

    6. The Gold Vault in Dubai

    7. The legendary Swiss Vaults

    8. The Iranian Gold Reserve

    9. The Antwerp Diamond Center

    10. The JPMorgan Chase New York Gold Vault

    11. The Federal Reserve Bank Vault of Cleveland

    12. Codename: Priscilla Bank Vault

    13. The Broker Restaurant Antique Bank Vault in Denver, CO.

    14. The Dominion Bank Vault  

    15.The Hard Rock Vault