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Hayman – Quality Built Safes

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Hayman Safe Company is a family-owned and operated business that has been building safes in the United States since 1970. They are known for their superior protection and fire rating, and their safes meet the needs of the industry standards.

Explore our diverse selection of Hayman Safes that cater to your unique security needs:

  • In-Floor Safes: Concealed and robust protection for your valuables embedded within the floor of your home or office.
  • Wall Safes: Discreet and secure storage for valuables, hidden within the walls of your home or office.
  • Burglar Safes: Designed to provide top-notch security against theft, ensuring the safety of your valuable items.
  • Burglar Fire Safes: Designed to handle both theft and fire, ensuring double protection for your valuable items.
  • Depository Safes: Ideal for businesses requiring secure deposits, cash and document management.
  • Gun Safes: Built to keep your firearms safe and out of reach.
  • In-Wall Covert Gun Safes: Minuteman
  • Custom Safes: Secure your valuables with a custom safe tailored to your exact needs, including size, color, storage options, locks, and more! For help with a custom safe contact us at [email protected] or call 800-207-2259.

Hayman Safes go beyond just offering multiple types of safes; they also provide a wide array of features for customization, including combination locks, biometric locks, and fire ratings of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Securing What Matters: Explore Hayman Safe Collections

Find the perfect security solution for your valuables at Safe and Vault Store with our vast selection of Hayman Safes. With a diverse range of product lines, each safe meticulously designed to meet specific security needs and preferences, you can trust that your valuable possessions are in safe hands. 

Hayman Safe offers a wide range of series — their notable collections include:

MagnaVault EX - Unparalleled Strength and Beauty

The MagnaVault EX series offers both strength and beauty with its 7-step paint process and granite color. It comes in 5 sizes and features a UL Type I Electronic Lock, tempered glass, and a special "hard plate" for protection against forced entry attempts. The interior includes a polished accessory panel, battery-powered LED light system, and ½" thick tempered glass shelves, providing convenience and support for your valuables.

Hayman DynaVault - Fire & Burglary Protection

The DynaVault Fire & Burglary Safe series offers top-notch protection and unbeatable value. With essential features like a mechanical relocker and drill-resistant hardplate, it ensures real-world security. Experience true peace of mind with DynaVault's 75-minutes of fire protection at 1200 degrees, safeguarding your vital documents and cherished memories.

Hayman FlameVault – Your Ultimate Fire Protection!

Is your main focus on protecting against natural threats, particularly the destructive force of FIRE? Choose from 60-minute or 120-minute options to safeguard your valuable records from smoke and fire. These economical yet secure safes fit well in any home or office setting. Rest easy knowing your important documents are protected with FlameVault.

Hayman CashVaults - Business Security

  • The CashVault (CV) Money Chest Safes provide excellent protection at an affordable price. With 1/2" solid steel doors and security features like auto-detent and spring-loaded relocking system, they are commonly used for burglary protection when fire protection and depository features are not needed. 
  • The CashVault (CV) Depository series offers convenient money drops, excellent cash control, and lasting durability at a great price. With 1/2" solid steel doors and various security features, these safes ensure protected cash handling. Includes both front loading and top loading models. 

Hayman In-floor Safes

Hayman offers two series of In-Floor Safes: Poly Body and Steel Body. The Poly Body safes are made of molded polyethylene, providing unique features like storage shelves and a false floor. Despite the plastic construction, they offer comparable security to steel safes when installed in concrete floors. The Steel Body safes offer robust protection and versatility, suitable for various floor types. Both series have re-locking devices, hardened steel hardplates, and recessed doors. The safes come with either a 1/2" solid steel door as standard or an optional 1" solid steel door for added security.

Hayman Wall Safes

Your ultimate heavy duty wall safe, the CV WS-7, comes loaded with features to provide the utmost security and convenience. Crafted with a solid 1/4" steel door and equipped with a SecuRam Top Lit electronic lock, it ensures your valuables are protected at all times. The safe boasts two removable shelves and anchor points for a secure mounting experience. Designed to fit flush in a 6" deep wall, it can also be installed in a 4" deep wall with the optional 2" spacer. Experience maximum security and space efficiency with this versatile wall safe from Hayman.

Hayman Gun Safes


The Everglades Gun Safe provides 60-minutes of fire protection with a strong 11 gauge steel body and 1 ¼” dia. bolts for maximum security. It offers versatile interior storage for long guns and shelf items, meeting your personal needs. The safes come with a SecuRam Top Lit keypad for easy code entry, and the improved back cover provides additional storage options. The Everglades Series Gun Safe is a top-quality, affordably priced option designed to meet your personal needs with outstanding protection.


The BlueRidge Gun Safe boasts a robust construction, featuring 11 gauge steel body and a 1/4" solid steel door with drill-resistant hardplate and spring-loaded relockers. It has 1.5" fire board in the body and door, providing 90- minutes of certified fire protection. The safe holds a Residential Security Container rating from UL, ensuring top-notch security. The interior is versatile, allowing storage of long guns with shelf options or on both sides.

Loaded with features like LED lighting, power ports, mirrored back, premium fabric interior, and approved electronic locks. The BlueRidge is a top-of-the-line safe designed to meet your personal needs with unparalleled protection and convenient features.


The Minuteman Series of Quick Access gun safes provides fast and covert security in your home during emergencies. These safes can be mounted between studs in the wall for discreet installation. With quick access, guns are presented in a ready-to-deploy position. The Minuteman features solid steel construction, a UL-listed electronic lock, and the option for a biometric lock. It offers secure access without relying on keys and has motion-activated interior lights.

The Minuteman Magnum is a larger version with additional storage and floor-mounting capability. Both safes are designed for quick and easy access to your firearms when needed, ensuring your safety and protection.

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