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Laptop Safes

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Ensuring laptop security is important, espeically in vulnerable spaces like dorm rooms, apartments, or shared bedrooms. With a secure laptop safe, you gain peace of mind knowing not only your physical device, but also the sensitive data stored within remains protected. 

Laptop Safes provide versatile protection, offering various lock options such as push-button digital, biometric or Simplex mechanical locks for added reliablity. Designed to accommodate at least a 15" laptop, some models can even accommodate larger 17" laptops. Prior to making your purchase, make sure to measure your device to ensure compatibility.

Securing a laptop safe is straightforward, with options including tether cables that secure around sturdy surfaces like bed frames or desk posts. For added security, select models can be directly anchored to the floor, shelf or wall.

Beyond safeguarding laptops, these safes offer conveinence of securing other valuable items such as medications, passports, wallets, keys, cell phones, and cameras.

If you're not sure which laptop safe suits your needs best, don't hesitate to each out to us at 800-207-2259 for expert assistance today!