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Semacon S-2500 Two Pocket Currency Discriminator


Semacon S-2500

Semacon S-2500

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  • Outside Dimensions: Outside 13" H x 10.25" x 12" D
  • .Weight: 28 Pounds
  • Made in the USA
  • Usually Ships in 2-3 Business Days



Introducing the Semacon S-2500 Two Pocket Currency Discriminator - a high tech high speed currency counter and bill organizer. This system has unsurpassed counterfeit bill detection capabilities. Never worry about having a false count again. It features a precision banknote feeding system that has advanced image processing to determine bill denomination. Semacon has engineered a superior counting and sorting machine. Together these features will give you the peace of mind and accuracy you are after.


The machine was built for use in high cash volume places such as retail shops, casinos, banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. One of its new nicer features is the very easy to read high tech touch screen. Never get confused with the brand new updated computer user interface that the S-2500 has to offer.


The S-2500 offers the same great SmartFeed technology that is present in almost all Semacon products. Count of the SmartFeed technology to accurately pass each bill through the system effortlessly and quickly. You can even pass old dirty bills through the system no problem. The S-2500 can discriminate at either 800 or 1000 bills per minute (BPM).

Along with the SmartFeed technology the S-2500 also has the SmartCount technology to accurately insure each count ever single time. It will analyze all possible types of banknotes and possible feeding errors to give you the most accurate number. Never worry about having to recount anything by hand anymore. Semacon will give you that great peace of mind you are after.

Advanced Technology

To complete a triple threat against all kinds of various currency problems Semacon deploys the SmartDetect technology to work with the SmartFeed and SmartCount. This feature will pinpoint fictitious banknotes by passing them through a variety of sensors to determine ink quality, and paper quality. It can spot a fake better than the pro's can!

Sorting Power

The currency counter can operate in several different modes. Mixed bill value counting, mixed bill sorting, mixed specific denomination sorting, and orientation. If you have a need to organize sort and not spend the time doing it yourself then this machine is for you.