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Steel Thickness

All Underwriters Laboratory (UL) rated safes (TL-15, TL-30, TL30X6 and TRTL30X6) are required to meet minimum specifications for steel thickness and security resistance in the door and body of the safe. However, most manufactuers do not share exact specifiations on door and body thickness. What we can share with you is that the manufacturer MUST meet the minimum specifications in order to pass the UL inspection.

Some of the reasoning for a manufacturer withholding this information is:

  1. The manufacturer does not want their competition to know how thick the steel or concrete composite material is for their products. Similar to a "secret recipe", these manufacturers develop their own special combination of material to pass the UL inspection and they would prefer their competition not learn this information. 
  2. They also don’t want a burglar who might attempt to break into their safe to know the exact specifications of the steel or the concrete composite material. They could estimate, based on this information, how long it would take to break into the safe. Underwriters Laboratories publishes minimum specifications that all safe manufactures must conform to. 

Your guarantee that any TL rated safes is secure is that these safes meet the following specifications as published by Underwriters Laboratories:  (the World's largest independant and most respected testing lab)


Safes given a U.L. TL-15 rating have all passed standardized tests defined in UL Standard 687 using the same tools and usually the same group of testing engineers. Construction Requirements

  • U.L. listed Group II, 1 or 1R combination locks.
  • 750 lbs. minimum or comes with instructions for anchoring in a larger safe, concrete blocks or on the premises where used.
  • Body walls of material equivalent to at least 1" open hearth steel with a minimum tensile strength of 50,000 P.S.I.
  • Walls fastened in a manner equivalent to continuous 1/4" penetration weld of open hearth steel with minimum tensile strength of 50,000 P.S.I.
  • One hole 1/4" or less, to accommodate electrical conductors arranged to have no direct view of the door or locking mechanism.


Construction requirements are identical to the TL-15 above except in the door. Tests are essentially the same as the TL-15 tests except for the net-working time. Net-working time simply means "when the tool comes off the safe, the clock stops".  Testers are allowed 30 minutes and a few more tools (abrasive cutting wheels and power saws) to help them gain entrance. The label signifies the testers were unable to open the door or make a 6" square opening entirely through the door or front face within 30 minutes. Keep in mind these engineers have the manufacturing blue prints and can disassemble the safe being tested before the test begins to see how it works. They know their stuff.

TL-30 x 6

The TL-30 (30-minute) test is conducted on all six (6) sides of the safe.

TRTL30 x 6

In addition to the UL tool rating, these safes have torch resistance for 30 minutes on all six (6) sides.

For additional information on UL rated safes, please view our video: