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    Stealth DS1614 Mini Front Load Depository Safe

    Stealth DS1614 Mini Front Load Depository Safe


    The Stealth DS1614 Mini Front Load Depository Safe is essential for any business that deals in cash. It is designed to prevent cash from being stolen by internal employee theft as well as in the event of an armed robbery.

    Stealth's DS1614 is constructed of solid steel and is perfect for gas stations, restaurants, hotels, motels or any business that deals in cash and needs a place to deposit it. Receipts and other items of value can also be stored inside this safe. 

    The door on the Stealth DS1614 is made with 1/4" solid steel and features two 1" solid steel locking bolts to prevent pry attacks. The bolts have a long 1-3/8" throw. The internal hinge and laser-cut door offer nothing exposed to cut. 

    The hopper on the Stealth DS1614 features jagged teeth on the back as well as anti-fish baffles. This makes it very difficult to fish a deposit bag or envelopes back out of the safe. 

    Stealth has installed a UL approved NL Universal Lock UR-2020 High-Security  Lock on the DS1614. The lock is assembled and tested in the USA. The lock is also protected by a hardplate and relocker that will keep the bolts locked in the event of a punch or drill attack.

    There are two bolt down holes on the Stealth DS1614 to bolt to a solid surface. This keeps the safe in place and forces the burglar to have to break into it on site where there is a fear of being caught. The mounting hardware is included. We highly recommend that you bolt this safe down. 

    Sealth has included one-year parts and labor warranty with the DS1614 Drop Deposit Safe. If you need a high quality but lower-cost option for protecting your cash, the Stealth Mini Front Load Depository Safe is the answer.

    If you have any questions regarding the Stealth DS1614 Mini Front Load Depository Safe, please give us a call at 800-207-2259.


    • Outside Dimensions: 16.00" H x 14.00" W x 14.00" D
    • Add 1.25" for Handle and Electronic Lock
    • Inside Dimensions: 7.25" H x 11.00" W x 13.50" D
    • Door Opening: 7.25" H x 11.00" W
    • Weight: 44 Pounds
    • 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
    • 1/4" Solid Steel Door
    • Full Steel Body
    • Two 1" Solid Steel Locking Bolts
    • NL UR-2020 High-Security UL Type 1 Electronic Lock
    • Formed high tensile steel body and jamb construction to maximize protection against a pry attack
    • All Steel Internal Hinge
    • Reinforced internal jambs on all four sides to provide protection against sledgehammer attack
    • Locks and relocker protected by a hardplate
    • Auxiliary spring-loaded relocking device
    • Two Bolt Down Holes and Mounting Bolts included

    Front Load Depository Features:

    • All Steel Construction with No Exposed Cutting Points
    • Protected by dual jagged teeth "anti-fish baffles"
    • Drop Safe Hopper Measurements: 3.50" H x 11.50" W x 6.00" D
    • Please note: Front Load Depository Safes are not meant for overnight storage. These safes are a deterrent during a holdup and keep employees honest.