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We talk a lot about the need for a fireproof safebut what about those of us who live in areas that are commonly ravaged by hurricanes and floods? If you live in a vulnerable area, it’s important that you prioritize getting a waterproof safe to make sure that if a flood ever happens in your home your belongings will be kept safe from harm. Imagine the unthinkable happening: a massive storm moves through your neighborhood and find that your foundation has a leak.

You find yourself battling with a flood of water destroying your ground floor. Now a few days have passed and the damage can be assessed – you’ll need to get in touch with your insurer, think about rehabbing your home, and….figure out how to replace your children’s birth certificates, your marriage license, all your investment documents…and mourning the loss of your precious photographs and videos. What a nightmare!   While replacing a couch may not be fun, at least there isn’t any emotional trauma associated with loss.

It’s really a small investment that can make a big difference if the worst were to ever happen. We have a great selection of water-proof safes at Come on over to our storefront and check them out. From small chests to larger document safes, we have everything you’d need to help protect the most special of your belongings—and the best part is that you can start protecting your home and valuables from water damage for only $68. Have you considered buying a water proof safe before? What are your main considerations for what needs to be more protected? Is it important documents or jewels? Or electronics or storage? This sort of feedback is so valuable for us, to help us make your experience with safes better and better.