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AMSEC BF1512 UL Burglar & Fire Rated Safe with Dye the Safe Guy


Hi, Dye the Safe Guy, Dye Hawley Sales Manager here with Safe & Vault Store.com. I am here today to talk about the signature series burglar fire safe for American Security. This is their BF Series line. This little guy here is the BF1512, the very beginning of their line. It has 1.35 cubic feet on the interior. It also has an RSC burglar rating which is clearly noted on the door by Underwriters Lab. It also has a 1 hour UL Underwriters Lab fire rating. This door has a 1/2" of steel in it. Then the body has another 1/4" steel all around, plus behind the steel in the body and the door is a composite concrete material that makes it even more secure and also gives it the fire rating. The outside dimensions on the BF1512 are 20.25" high x 17.25" wide x 18.75" deep. The interior has 15" of height from top to bottom, 12" wide, and 13" deep.

The BF1512 comes standard with a UL high-security Group 2 dial combination lock. AMSEC offers a great amount of different locks. You can upgrade to a digital electronic lock for FREE. They also have a redundant lock called the LP Rotobolt lock which has a digital keypad and a dial lock to back it up if the digital portion of that lock fails. You can get this safe in 12 different colors and look at the interior. There is carpeting on the back of the door. The shelf, the single shelf that comes with it is also carpet covered with a nice velour carpet. And it is adjustable or removable either way. There is an anchor hole here to secure your safe into concrete or wood once you have it installed in your home or business.

Finally, American Security offers a Lifetime Fire Replacement Warranty. If this safe is in a fire, after the fire you send a copy of the Fire Marshall's report to American Security through us. They will build you a brand new safe and ship it to you FREE of charge. If you are looking for a high-quality burglar fire safe for your home or business, check out the American Security BF series safes on our website. This is Dye Hawley, Sales Manager for Safe & Vault Store, thanks for listening. Please call us at 800-207-2259 if you have any questions or visit our website at www.safeandvaultstore.com today.