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Best Gun Safe 2018 – Buyer’s Guide (Top Rated Reviews)

 by  Originally published on Having a gun these days is no longer a safe bet. More than keeping you and your family secure, it can backfire badly if it gets into the wrong hands. With so many instances of shootings and robberies and what not, you can get into trouble without even firing one shot! Of course, guns can also land you in trouble, if god forbid, your kid gets them and does something unfortunate.  Q.So, how do you keep your gun secure and out of the reach of children?   A. Play it safe. Get the best gun safe!!  But, there are so many of them that coming to a buying decision often takes a lot of time! And, you certainly don’t have enough “time” in these harsh times. Don’t you worry, we have you covered with our carefully picked list of 8 Good Gun Safes that will help you quickly make a buying decision before anything untoward happens to you or your family.

Here’s The List Of Handpicked Best Safes Of 2018

Viking Security Safe VS-25BL – Best Gun Safe Of 2018

One of the best electronic gun safe out there in the market, Viking Security’s VS-25BL is quite an affordable biometric fingerprint safe that wants to be a “safe house” for your gun in a tech-driven digital age. Does it stand out and make a mark?

Let’s find out:

First things first, what we really liked about this safe was its strong built and compact design. It looks like a big black box with a metallic finish that adds to its sturdiness. Also, we think its 5mm thick door is good enough to act as a fire wall. But,  the standout feature has to be the fingerprint scanner that takes less than just a second to pop open.  Moreover, we did not have to go through many pains to open its pin code lock, which took us about 4-5 seconds. Fair game, we were definitely amazed with the fingerprint scanner’s ability to memorize up to 32 fingerprints. So, in case you want to give someone else access to your gun safe without giving away the pin code, this feature can come in handy. Another nice thing we noticed about this top-rated pistol gun safe is that its interiors are carpeted and airtight which, to our mind, will be good for the gun and prevent against rustiness. Since constantly getting the gun in and out of the safe can leave unwanted scratch marks- the cozy carpet confines will add a layer of protection. Every secure and good gun safe has some shortcomings, Viking Security’s VS-25BL, too suffers from one shortcoming. It lacks a display light so you will have a hard time figuring out the pattern especially during night time. Even placing your fingers on the scanners will seem like a hard task. Considering it is an electronic gun safe, Viking Security could surely have taken care of a simple thing such as a display light!
Pros 1. Finger Scanner 2. Sturdy built 3. Comes with LED light 4. Rust free interior 5. Relatively pocket-friendly
Cons 1. No display light

Shotlock Handgun 200 Mechanical Safe – Mechanical Safe For Handguns

As the name suggests, Shotlock’s handgun 200 mechanical safe aims to be a top draw for storing your Glocks or other handguns without leaving you much to worry about how much surrounding space the safe will compromise. Since the Handgun 200 is a mechanical gun safe, it requires a 4 digit pin combination to open out of total of 8 digits keypad. Like all mechanical safes, it doesn’t require batteries as well. We could easily set the pin and open it within seconds. However,  the best part for us has to be its lock feature. In case anyone dials in the same digit twice they won’t be able to open the safe even if they know the possible 4 digits.  Also, in case you are having problems with the pin or want to reset it, you can go through the instruction manual to properly set it up. From the side it might appear like a slightly thin slab of metal, but don’t be mistaken. We really liked the strong built of the Handgun 200. Well, to think its thickness is only 1.63 mm, we did feel the safe might be lightweight, however, it is quite heavy and surely cannot be moved with ease. This will definitely act as a hindrance against theft. However, despite its small size it came off as pretty compact as we could put in our Glock without any trouble. The gun sits inside intact, but the small frame of the handgun 200 limits storage to only one handgun. Although if you have only one home defense weapon, this safe does its job alright. Now coming onto the downsides, surprisingly we didn’t find this safe lightweight enough to be carried around. See, here its strength becomes a weakness. Imagine when you are shifting or want to place the safe somewhere else in the house and the movability part would seem like a hassle.
Pros 1. No batteries required 2. Foolproof lock 3. Quite heavy and durable 4. Comes with a manual 5. Affordable
Cons 1. Not portable 2. Can store only one gun

Verifi Smart.Safe.Fast Access With Biometric Fingerprint Technology

Verifi’s Smart.Safe. aims to be the answer to the many problems faced by gun lovers who are tired of using mechanical gun safes and want fast access to their weapon. This electronic gun safe is as digital as it gets. Well, we feel in some aspects of the fingerprint technology it is far more advanced than its electronic safe counterparts such as the Viking Security Safe VS-25BL. For instance, we were in awe of this safe’s 3D imaging system that tracks fingerprints by going into the minutest details. It took the safe barely a fraction of a second to process the fingerprint and unlock the door. We feel this technology is similar to what is used by governmental agencies such as the FBI! Also, we were pleasantly surprised by its automatic security lock feature which we accidentally found when we slammed the door back into the safe’s body as it closed automatically.  However, the highlight of this best gun safe has to be its fingerprint memory that can remember up to 40 fingerprints. Without wasting much time, it scanned through our fingerprints and provided access within a second. Also, we were impressed with the user management system that Verifi Smart.Safe. provided vis-à-vis its fingerprint tech. Since we had the master access, we could create several user profiles based on their fingerprints and even modify their access permission plus see their log to find out when the safe was opened by others. The biggest drawback of this digital gun safe for us has to be its price tag which is sky-high compared with the likes of Viking Security Safe VS-25BL. Another area of concern is the unwanted manufacturer tag on the front that needlessly covers the keyhole which is needed in case there is an emergency. We feel it was a rather offhand decision to put the tag at such a crucial place.
Pros 1. Best 2. Large fingerprint memory 3. Easy set-up 4. Auto door lock feature
Cons 1. Quite expensive 2. Unwanted tag

Stack-On PS-20-B Biometric

Another electronic safe that piqued our interest is the Stack-On PS-20-B biometric safe which is fairly big in size and has the potential to be used for storing your guns. And, why not for it comes packed with some very interesting features which we will talk about below. What we really like about this gun safe has to be its ability to store multiple handguns as well a large stash of ammunition. It surely outshines many electronic safes in this department. Not to mention, the lightweight nature of the PS-20-B makes it a fairly decent safe that can be moved around the house with ease. However, this can also make it easier for someone to make quick work of the safe in no time and get the contents, so you should be careful to place it somewhere discreet. Coming on to the most important safety aspect, we were satisfied with the fingerprint scanner which was very fast (it took a fraction of a second) and offered us to place fingerprints from various angles to make the fingerprint placement process a success the first time itself. We feel it is quite a unique feature and will surely make the process of accessing the safe faster even if we don’t place our fingers correctly the first time. Another  outstanding feature, for us, has to be the hidden 8 digit pin keypad which adds an element of secrecy wherein thieves won’t be able to pick the lock without removing the front cover.  Surely this safe had a lot of things going for it, but there are certain important limitations that we could not miss to point out. For starters, the steep price tag of the PS-20-B puts off perhaps everyone who had hopes to get an affordable electronic safe that comes packed with some decent features. Moreover, we are not big fans of the batteries either. We figured since the safe solely runs off batteries, it tends to wear them out quite fast compared with the likes of Verifi Smart.Safe. Thus, it will become an added hassle for most safe owners to constantly look out for battery draining and replace them as soon as possible.
Pros 1. Can store multiple guns 2. Great fingerprint scanner 3. Very portable 4. Hidden keypad
Cons 1. Very Expensive 2. Batteries die out faster

Stack-On 14 Gun Fire Safe – Best Safe Under 500 For Storing Multiple Arms

One of the best gun safe under 500, the Stack-On safe has propped itself as a front runner for gun enthusiasts who cannot find enough storage space to keep their rifles safe. To start with, we were satisfied with the built of this safe that comes with some nice adjustable shelves which will come in handy for stacking up both handguns and big assault rifles such as FAMAS, M4A1, ACR, etc. As is the case with most Stack-on safes, the interiors on this one are also carpeted keeping the guns scratch free and intact. But,  what we really liked is the floor securing feature of this gun safe. We could easily secure it to the floor which acts as deterrent against intruders.  Moreover, the combination lock on this safe felt very light and had nice smooth grip as we could spin it easily without facing any problems. One of the biggest downsides with this safe is its combination lock. How? Well, it comes with a pre-set combination that cannot be changed. We feel Stack-on could have surely avoided such a blunder because once someone else knows the combination, is the safe really “safe” thereafter? Moreover, after prolonged use we figured the dial begins to got a bit stiff, thus increasing the effort on our part to open the door. Also, the steep price tag of this safe doesn’t help either. Anyways If you own multiple firearms and looking for a good gun safe under 500, then you must give it a shot.
Pros 1. Stores multiple guns 2. Comes with a combination lock 3. Can be secured to the floor 4. Very sturdy
Cons 1. Quite expensive 2. Comes with a preset combination

Sentry Quick Access Safe – Affordable Safe For Keeping Your Pistol

One of the biggest gun safe manufacturers, Sentry Safe has introduced its brand new quick access safe as a reliable storage option for all pistol owners who cannot/don’t want to spend much on a gun safe. Coupled with an affordable price, here’s why we think it is the best gun safe for storing pistols. As the name suggests, Quick Access safe did turn out to be quite quick for us to open compared with some of the fastest mechanical safes on our list. The fact that it has a push button combination lock and doesn’t require batteries piqued our interest. Also, the size of this safe may seem a like a bit small from the exterior, but we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it is spacious enough to store your pistol as well as a handful of magazines, too. We also really liked how Sentry added a backlit display for the buttons. It will surely be helpful for opening the safe at night without having to worry about getting the combination wrong. Also,  the locking mechanism on this safe is one of the best that we have come across. For instance, when we pop open the door of most safes, we can see the locking mechanism on the inside.But, to our surprise this gun safe had a hidden locking feature which will make it harder for anyone without access to break into the safe.  There are a couple of downsides with the Sentry Safe. To start with, sometimes, the access time can be a bit too long. It is due to the keys that sometimes become stiff and have to be hit with some good force to open the safe. However, we think if you press the keys at a slower speed you won’t face any problems. Another major shortcoming is that this safe is neither fireproof, nor waterproof. So your guns will always be prone to some damage or the other.
Pros 1. Hidden locking mechanism 2. Very Affordable 3. Has a nice display 4. Doesn’t require batteries
Cons 1. Neither fireproof nor waterproof 2. Keys are bit stiff 3. Long access time

Winchester Ranger Deluxe Gun Safe

The Winchester Ranger deluxe is quite a big gun safe that claims to store as many guns as you want without spending big bucks. Is it as big a deal as it looks like? Let’s figure out. After a few rack adjustments, we managed to stack up adequate amount of rifles as well as ammunition in it without having to compromise much on the space. We feel this safe can be a go-to safehouse for storing all kinds of big guns ranging from M4A1, Ak-47 to Barrett.50 cal. Coming on to the built, it weighs around 250 kg and does look like a solid safe with layers of fireboard in the door and and a further two layers in the body. Also, at first look we could tell the lock plate cannot be drilled easily by an intruder since it seemed pretty rock hard and intact to us. Further, the locking system is both mechanical and electronic in nature which makes this safe pretty flexible in this department. So, in case your batteries run out, you can always count on the mechanical safe. However, this safe’s biggest turn off has to be its battery problem. The batteries of the keypad just go dead faster than all the other safes in the same price range. Although  the Winchester Ranger deluxe claims to be fireproof (up to 1400 degrees) we couldn’t tell if it would be able to hold up for even an hour in case a fire breaks. However, this safe can withstand floods due to its strong built and design. 
Pros 1. Consists of both mechanical and electronic locks 2. Can hold multiple guns 3. Strong and Damage free
Cons 1. Not completely fireproof 2. Poor batteries

Stack-On GCB-8RTA Security Plus – Multiple Firearm Storage Safe Under 1000

Another gun safe from Stack-on, the GCB-8RTA is a rather small safe but it can still store up to 8 guns, which to be fair, is not a bad thing at all. Further, its small frame lends it the ability to be lightweight. In spite of a small frame, the safe looks remarkably well built and sleek. So much so, considering its very pocket-friendly price tag, this safe looks quite expensive from the outside. Even on the interiors, we were very satisfied with the foam padded casing for the guns that will protect the guns against scratches making it a budget defying feature that we didn’t half expect. However, it is composed of thin metal, so intruders might have a better chance to break it open and get away with the guns. Further,  the installation of the GCB-8RTA SECURITY PLUS did not take us long and its lightweight nature certainly had a big role to play. We could install it in tighter spots without having to worry about the space. Not to mention, the pre-drilled holes that it comes with were very easy to secure the safe to the floor. To be honest, that makes it a lot harder for intruders to detach the safe off the floor. However, the limitations of this safe start with the the design of the safe, which proves lightweight has its weaknesses, too. For instance, it will be pretty easy for intruders to make short work of the safe and get away with it. Also, just like Stack-on’s 14 GUN FIRE SAFE, the combination dial of this safe cannot be changed, which is another vulnerability.
Pros 1. Very affordable 2. Portable 3. Easy setup
Cons 1. Not sturdy 2. Comes with a preset combination

Gun Safe Buying Guide: How To Buy The Best Safe For Your Gun

There are many pertinent questions you need to ask yourself before you buy the best gun safe that suits your needs as well as ensures the gun(s) sit intact inside. Besides the price obviously, there are a lot more factors that determine the quality of a gun safe. Here are some of them:

 Types of Safes- Electronic and Mechanical 

The most important factor that determines whether or not the safe you are looking for fits your lifestyle and location, is the type of the safe itself. Generally, there are two types of safes- Mechanical and Electronic. Both of them have their own unique benefits and their fair share of downsides, too. While an electronic safe usually comprises of a keypad to enter an access code and/or a fingerprint reader, a mechanical safe can only be opened with a key. Moreover, electronic safes run on batteries and can be plugged straight into power sockets. They also tend to be a lot quicker to get access to. Whereas, mechanical safes are good in this aspect since they don’t have to deal with battery problems. These days, most electronic safes also come with a mechanical locks as a backup measure in case the battery goes dead.


The size of a good gun safe is always a big factor you need to be very careful about. Always make it a point to purchase a safe that is quite spacious and big enough for your guns. Because in the future, you might get more guns and for keeping them safe and secure you would need more space.

 Fire Safety 

Another important consideration that you must consider before making the choice for the gun safe is fire safety. Remember, a safe with less risk of a fire hazard is always beneficial in the long run. Usually, gun safes that are fire resistant cost more than safes that don’t provide fire safety. In any case, it is always prudent to pay the extra money for the protection. Remember, fires are always a high risk factor because they can destroy your guns completely.

 Waterproof and rust free 

Always make it a point to purchase a safe that is leak proof or does not allow water inside and is also completely foolproof against any leakage through tiny crevices to prevent rustiness. Remember, your weapons can get destroyed if water gets inside the safe, so spending some more money can surely prevent it from happening.

 Type of Lock 

This choice breaks down to the purpose for which you are going to use the safe for. If the sole purpose of your safe is for protection then you should buy one that you can gain access to quickly. As is the case, easy access safes are electronic in nature and consist of either keypad lock or fingerprint scanner, or in some cases both.


As is the case with most cases, gun safes too comprise of alarms. Before making the purchase, do ensure that the safe is packed with an alarm that starts buzzing as soon as someone tries to access the safe no matter whether you are at home or away. This also acts as a useful remedy against curious children that might stray around it and try to pop open the access just to see what is locked inside.


Last but not the least, weight plays a crucial role in determining if your so called “best gun safe” is theft proof or not. For instance, a 130 kg safe will unlikely prevent theft. Get a bulkier safe that measures around 200 kgs or more. Because thieves can surely lift something anything less than that mark with a simple hand truck.