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Build Your Dream Gun Room with the Lockdown SecureWall Firearm Panels

Are you aspiring to create your dream gun room?

Learn the essential steps for constructing a dedicated gun room that balances both safety and display.


Lockdown Gun Room

A dedicated gun room offers an ideal setting for safely storing and organizing your firearm collection and showcasing it in an impressive and secure manner. While keeping firearms locked in a gun safe ensures their safety, it restricts their visibility and enjoyment.

The Lockdown SecureWall Firearm Display Panels present an exciting solution, allowing you to strike a perfect balance between security and display. By securely mounting these panels directly onto your walls in a secure room, you can effortlessly transform any space into a personalized and visually appealing firearm showcase, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your gun room.

Whether you're a collector, enthusiast, or someone valuing safety and display, investing in the Lockdown SecureWall Firearm Display Panels can turn your dream gun room into a tangible reality that wows both guests and fellow firearm enthusiasts.

Constructing a gun room necessitates several essential steps to ensure its ultimate success and enjoyment.

1. Selecting the Right Location

Find the ideal placement for your gun room in your home. Decide on the location within your home that best suits the purpose and aesthetics you are trying to achieve. Accessibility is also important to ensure easy access to the gun room while maintaining security and privacy.

2. Planning and Design

The next phase is accessing your space once you narrow down the right location. Evaluate the available space to determine the layout and dimensions. You should also choose a theme or style that suits your preferences, whether a classic, modern, or personalized design.

Enhancing Security

Establish your desired level of security for the room.

Consider investing in a high-quality vault door with a reliable digital or biometric lock to bolster security and deter unauthorized access.

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3. Choosing the Lockdown SecureWall Firearm Display Panels

Carefully select the Lockdown panel configurations that best suit your firearm collection and efficiently utilize storage space.

There are two distinct panel types: a standard model crafted from 16-gauge steel, capable of holding up to 100 pounds, and a heavy-duty model constructed from 14-gauge steel, with a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds.

Strategically mix and match these panels, utilizing heavy-duty ones for more substantial items and standard panels for lighter-weight options.

Lockdown SecureWall Firearm Display Panels

SecureWall Model -16 Gauge Steel

Standard Model -16 Gauge Steel

SecureWall Model -14 Gauge Steel

Heavy-Duty Model -14 Gauge Steel

VIDEO: Build Your Dream Gun Room

In this video, I showcase the various sizes and configurations of Lockdown SecureWall panels, and a range of Lockdown accessories.

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4. Firearm Organization

Lockdown SecureWall Firearm Wall

Methodically sort and categorize your firearms according to type, size, or intended use. Use this categorization to optimize the arrangement of your firearms on the Lockdown SecureWall panels. After installing the panels, thoughtfully position your firearms to effectively showcase your collection, keeping aesthetics and accessibility in mind.

5. Maximizing Storage Efficiency

Enhance your storage capabilities by integrating a range of Lockdown SecureWall accessories such as hooks, bins, and shelves. Various accessory options are available to help keep your belongings organized:

  • Universal Hook: Perfect for hanging tactical bags, helmets, or jackets.
  • Handgun Barrel Peg: Accommodates handguns ranging from .38 to .50 caliber.
  • Angled Handgun Barrel Peg: Designed to hold handguns at a 45-degree angle, optimizing space.
  • Handgun Hanger: Ideal for displaying and organizing handguns.
  • Long Gun Hanger 2 Pack: Allows horizontal placement of long guns, adjustable to any firearm length.
  • Basket: An excellent storage solution for accessories, gear, and ammo.
  • Shelf: Designed to hold rifle stocks or gear and ammo, contributing to efficient organization.

Lockdown SecureWall Accessories

6. Lighting

Incorporate suitable lighting to accentuate your preferred firearms, elevate the overall display aesthetics, and create a captivating ambiance within your dream gun room.


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Now that you have all the steps to build your dream gun room, what are you waiting for?

Your dream gun room is within reach with the Lockdown SecureWall Firearm Display Panels. Creating a space that blends safety, organization, and aesthetics is paramount for gun enthusiasts. By utilizing these innovative panels, you're adding a touch of personalization to your gun room.

Whether proudly showcasing your prized firearms or meticulously organizing your gear, the Lockdown SecureWall panels and accessories cater to every need. Invest in these exceptional solutions and transform your dream gun room into a reality that captivates and impresses, leaving fellow firearm enthusiasts and visitors awe-inspired by your passion and dedication.



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