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DIY Home Security

One of the toughest and most rewarding parts about being in the security industry is keeping up with the changing technology and learning about all the new, cool security solutions out there. For the most part, new technology and new products and services is equal to more effective solutions. These sort of advances make Do-It-Yourself security more and more a possibility every day. So if you are thinking about DIY-ing a security solution, you should be aware of some of the cool new stuff you can use to really make sure your home or office is as safe and secure as possible. Consider wireless devices, hidden or hard-to-detect cameras, motion sensitive lights and camera, night-vision, electronic locks and other cool things. There are loads of benefits of using a DIY strategy when it comes to protecting your home.

For one, you have an invested stake in doing the best job possible protecting your home; you have been around your home more than anyone else and may just have feelings about weak points; and if anything happens only you will be accountable to the failings. For some DIY is a bit scary, but for others it’s a relief to work through an issue from start to finish. Advantages of using a DIY security approach include driving down prices, increasing competition and getting a system that is highly customized to your specific needs. But for many, there is a problem with placing too much hope and faith in new technology – this means that if the technology ever fails, your security system may also fail. You all have experienced the horror of the black screen of death…I know the last time my computer died, my heart sunk. I can’t imagine what a technology fail would be like if my whole home security depended on it.


So if you decide to go the DIY route and use new technology to design your own home security system, you need to be aware of potential issues, including: internet or connectivity issues, interference, software glitches and issues with compatibility. Have you tried any DIY security solutions? What works? What doesn’t work? Have you been happy sidestepping traditional expensive alarm set ups? These ideas are inspired by a blog post we read recently here. Have a look.