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How large of a Safe do you need?

Determining the size of safe you need is a question that needs to be carefully considered before you invest in a safe or vault. If you don’t make this decision carefully you’ll find that you buy a safe that fits your current needs but doesn’t expand to meet the needs of your future—it’s always prudent to buy something that will leave you a bit of room to expand, whether it’s an expanding handgun collection or room for tax returns for the next seven years.

We have put together some questions that you should ask yourself before taking the plunge.  

1)     What will be stored in your safe primarily?

2)     How will your collection of guns, documents, jewelry grow in the next 5 years?

3)     Do you need a fire or burglar safe? Will your needs change in the next 5 years?

4)     Will you remain in your same home for the next 5+ years or do you plan to move soon?

Thinking about your future needs will you help you make sure that you don’t buy a safe too soon or with too narrow or needs. Often times we find that clients will get a safe into their home and will immediately start using it more than they had previously anticipated. If they bought a safe to store guns, they’ll find that they want to stick their jewelry in as well. If they bought it for jewelry, they’ll find that they want to put their housing documents in there as well. Thinking this through will safe you not only time but also frustration!