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Does a teacher need a safe?

Teachers are some of the most important members of society—they education our children, they instill values, mores, and societal attitudes, they create new generations of leaders. Very few people would argue that teachers are not of the utmost importance in our society.  But, the real question is (for us at least), do they need a safe? While most teachers don’t have highly sensitive or very monetarily valuable things as part of their jobs, they do have important documents that may be at risk of damage in a fire. They may also be responsible for sensitive information about their students, the parents of their students, and other teachers and administrators at their school.

While I don’t see a huge reason why a teacher should have a burglar-proof safe, it does seem prudent for teachers and schools everywhere to keep fire-proof safes. Imagine what would happen if your son or daughter’s school were to go up in flames—every piece of their teacher’s work would go with it. Teachers should keep lesson plans, important books, and notes, along with sensitive or important information regarding their students or classes in a fire-proof safe. If a fire-proof safe isn’t available for personal use in an individual classroom, the schools' administrative office should have one and teachers should be able to store important documents there. What do you think? Does a teacher need a safe?