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Featured Safe of the Week: Mesa MBF3820E Burglary & Fire Safe

There’s nothing more important than protecting your valuables and there’s no better way to do that than to install the Mesa MBF3820E Burglary & Fire Safe in your home. Designed to offer burglar and fire protection for your most precious belongings, this Mesa safe is perfect for ultra-secure or everyday use. Here’s what you need to know about this safe;

Unparalleled Fire Protection

There are many things that pose a threat to your valuables and fire is one of them. During a house fire, it’s easy to lose irreplaceable documents, cash or precious jewelry. Fortunately, the Mesa MBF3820E Burglary & Fire Safe mitigates these risks. The Mesa offers a two-hour fire rating and has been tested to withstand temperatures of up to 1830 degrees Fahrenheit for up to two hours. The safe can also withstand drops and impacts in case the safe falls through the floor and is designed to keep your internal valuables safe and unharmed even in the event that disaster strikes your home. 

Ample Size for Maximum Use

The Mesa features exterior dimensions of 40” high, 22” wide and 22” deep and offers 6.42 cubic feet of storage space. This safe’s size and weight make it perfect for use in a closet, cabinet, or another home, office or industrial settings. It features a "B" burglar rating and a 2-hour fire rating for your peace of mind and security. To understand what each burglar rating means, take a look at our burglar ratings description and chart. Additionally, the safe is available with your choice of a dial combination lock or digital electronic lock and comes with a standard 1-year warranty. An extended warranty is available for an additional cost.


Sturdy Construction for Attack-Proof Security

When you purchase a safe, the last thing you want to think about is whether or not it could stand up to an attack from a burglar. There are many things that make the Mesa one of the best-valued safes on the market today. These include the following:
  • 1-3/4” thick body. One of the safe’s primary defenses against attacks is the thickness of the steel that makes up the body and the door. This Mesa safe features a 1-3/4" thick body which consists of a steel plate and lined with fire-resistant material.
  • 4-1/2" thick door. The door is 4 ½” of overall thickness for maximum attack-proof protection for your valuables.
  • Built-in door defense barrier. There’s nothing better to stop attacks in their tracks than a solid defense barrier on the door of the safe. The Mesa features outer and inner plates to enclose the door’s fire-resistant lining and ensure that, even if the safe is weakened by a fire, it doesn’t lose any of its security.
  • Solid steel deadbolts. To stop trained burglars in their tracks, the Mesa offers a series of solid steel deadbolts (1" diameter) that lock into the safe’s body to stop forced entries in their tracks.
  • Anchor holes for immovable security. While the Mesa weighs 300 lbs., it’s wise to bolt it to the floor to ensure that it can’t be moved. The Mesa offers four anchor holes that allow the Mesa to be bolted securely to the floor (wood or concrete) wherever you decide to place it.
  • Ultra-strong hinges.Doors can be one of the most vulnerable portions of a safe, so it’s important to ensure that your safe’s doors can’t be easily attacked. The Mesa offers heavy-duty hinges that offer a smooth open and close action as well as formidable security.
  • Lockout penalty.If you purchase this safe with a digital lock, there is an additional level of security with the lockout penalty. When a code is entered incorrectly on the Mesa safe, a lockout penalty appears, frustrating potential burglars who are attempting to crack your safe using an incorrect code. This simple feature goes a long way toward enhancing the security of this safe.
User-Friendly Configuration for a Comfortable User Experience
It’s not enough for a safe to be secure – it also needs to easy to use. The Mesa fills both of these requirements perfectly. In addition to all of the built-in security features, this handsome safe also offers many things that make it easy to use within the home. These include the following:
  • Interior shelves.To help you organize and store your valuables, the Mesa features two interior shelves. Strong enough to support heavy items, these shelves are completely adjustable and removable, which makes them more efficient for your use. Ideal for storing documents, small items such as jewelry, or other valuables, these sturdy shelves are perfect for helping you stay organized. People who purchase this safe can choose to add an extra shelf for a small additional fee.
  • Easy-change personal code.With the Mesa, you don’t need to worry about struggling to gain access to your safe ever again. This safe features an easy-change feature for the personal code (on the digital electronic lock only), which means you can change it to enhance security in a matter of mere moments.
  • Interior outlet strip. This Mesa safe features an interior outlet strip and includes 3 electrical sockets and 2 USB ports. It also includes a power source cord.
There’s nothing more important than the safety of your valuables and with the Mesa MBF3820E Burglary & Fire Safe, you can ensure they stay secure for years to come! If you have any questions about this safe or others, please call one of our safe experts at 800-207-2259 today!