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Floor Safe Video with Dye the Safe Guy


Hi, Dye The Safe Guy here again with Safe and Vault Today were going to talk about floor safes. There are many types of floor safes. The first thing you want to understand is the fact that floor safes can be used for gold. platinum, silver, coins, jewelry. We do not recommend floor safes for anything that you want to protect from fire. Floor safes do not have a fireproof rating, some have a fire-resistant rating but in most cases when we drill out a floor safe, any paper or money thats inside turns to ash. Floor safes are installed in concrete or wood and should be installed by a general contractor.

Door Types

Floor safes have different types of doors. For example the least expensive ones have a removable door that has a latch right here and it hooks back here on the frame of the floor safe. The larger safes have a spring loaded door as you can see here with large oversize bolts.

Drop Slots

For business applications, most floor safes can be ordered with an optional drop slot so you can drop cash in throughout the business day and then secure it incase or an armed robber.

Lock Types

Most floor safes have a Group II dial combination lock. Be sure to ask that it does have a Group II Underwriters Laboratory lock. This will provide added security in the million to one chance that anyone can break the combination. We dont recommend digital electronic locks for floor safes. Why? Because when the door is shut, the lock is horizontal. You get condensation that builds up on the circuit board and those locks are going to fail because especially around salt water or high humidity areas like the south, youre going to get a lot of moisture in that electronics. Locks are much better in a vertical position than a horizontal. So we recommend strongly that you use only a dial combination lock because you increase the failure rate if you use the digital electronic lock.

Door Thickness

On your higher end larger floor safes, they usually come in three different door thicknesses. Theyll either have 1/2 of solid A36 steel plate or in this case youll see 3/4 of A36 steel plate. Some companies offer even a 1. A 1 gives you a C burglar rating which typically can take you up to about $50,000 in value in the safe. The B burglar rating here maybe somewhere in the $15,000 to $20,000. The 3/4 B/C between $30,000 and $40,000 in content value is what we recommend. Hayman Floor Safes - Polyethylene Body Another great feature offered by Hayman Safe is a polyethylene body. This polyethylene body will not sweat, so if you were in an area where you have ground moisture, whatever, the inside of that safe stays bone dry. As opposed to the metal bodies where you usually have to install a vapor barrier or put a dehumidifying desiccant bags inside to prevent moisture buildup. The Hayman polyethylene body is a great option, especially if you want to keep everything in the safe very dry.


When thinking about what size of floor safe you need, keep in mind the items that youre not going to get at very often like gold, silver, platinum or coins would probably lay in the bottom of the safe. But other important papers that you might want to get at every month or so you might want to put them at the top of the safe. Take that in mind when youre thinking of how large you want your floor safe to be. They come in all kinds of sizes. We recommend that you go about 50% larger than what you think youre going to need.

Dust Covers

99% of all floor safes come with a dust cover that not only keeps the dust out but makes the safe flush so you can hide it under carpeting or some other cover. Brands The top brands out there today are American Security (AMSEC), Hayman and Gardall. We have many other brands on our site that fit all your needs, however, we really like those three brands since those companies have been in business for over 50 years each. Thanks again for viewing one of our videos at Safe and Vault If you need any help just give us a call at 1-800-207-2259 and well be happy to answer your questions.