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Buy a Gun Safe to Secure Your New Firearm

 Buying the right gun safe can be challenging when you're not sure where to start. To help you out, we've compiled the top four most frequently asked questions about gun safes and answered them


In the past three years, gun sales have been on a significant uptick; in fact, through the first half of 2022, the FBI reported an average of over 2.6 million background checks monthly; this is not surprising since 2021 was 3.7 million background checks, and 2020 was 3.2 million. 

In a survey done by , 45% of those polled had purchased a gun for the first time in 2022, and 43% of respondents bought a gun only 1-5 years ago. So it's obvious Americans are seeking out their self-protection options now more than ever. 

So you have decided to buy a gun? 

The next crucial consideration is to ensure your new firearm stays out of the wrong hands.

  • According to  HealthyChildren.Org,  approximately 72% of kids under the age of nine know where their parents keep their firearms and 89% of accidental shooting deaths involving children happen in the home. 
  • A study by researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Northeastern University Department of Health Sciences found that approximately 380,000 firearms are stolen from gun owners each year. This study identified a few common traits of gun owners victimized by  theft:
  1. Those who own many guns.
  2. Those who regularly carry their firearms outside their homes.
  3. Those who do not employ safe storage practices while at home face a higher risk of gun theft.

Buy a Gun Safe to Secure Your New Firearm

Buying the right gun safe can be challenging when you're not sure where to start. To help you out, we've compiled the top four most frequently asked questions about gun safes and answered them here:


1.  What size gun safe do I need?

The size of your gun safe depends on the firearms you intend to keep in the safe. For instance, handgun safes are small but effective if you're using them to house a handgun. But you'll want a long gun safe if you're planning on storing shotguns and larger firearms.


2.   Are all gun safes fireproof?

A gun safe isn't fireproof unless it outright says it on the labeling. Many gun owners make the mistake of assuming their safe is automatically fireproof when that isn't the case. Look for fireproof gun safes that exceed 1,200 degrees. The risk of a house fire is greater than a break-in and so it's crucial to invest in a fireproof gun safe for your firearm.

3.  Do security safes provide the same kind of protection?

Security gun safes are best for those who are more concerned with burglary attacks than an unexpected fire. Security safes are designed to go above and beyond the typical keycode-access security lock. They're heavy-duty and difficult to break into. We recommend looking at a minimum of a gun safe with an RSC (Residential Security Container) burglar rating. Not all gun safes are fireproof but most are.


4.  Should I invest in a vault safe?

It's typically recommended to invest in a fireproof security gun safe that bolts to the floor. But if you own your home, you might be able to install a vault. You'll want a vault door that opens inward and the safe will need to be encased in at least 10 inches of concrete.


    Have more questions about purchasing a gun safe?

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