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Home Office Safety and Security

Home Office Safety and Security Week Tips


It’s that time of year again—Home Office Safety and Security Week—observed annually during the second week of January. And it marks the perfect time to consider the security of your own home office. Millions of us are working from home, and that means sensitive or proprietary data needs to be secured from the threat of theft, fire, or water damage.

Start the new year right

Declutter and organize your file cabinets, desk, and workspace. Purge what isn’t needed; perform backups and set up password-protected files for everything else. Make sure your antivirus and firewall software are up-to-date. Analyze what steps you need to take to ensure your home office is safe and secure.

Here are a few tips to get you started:


Secure your data and media

Home Office Safety and Security Week Tips

You know how important it is to protect paper documents from fire and water damage. But, did you know that the data stored on media such as CDs and backup tapes are more vulnerable to heat? A data media safe can keep documents and media free from harm or theft.

The Hollon HDS-500E Data Media Safe boasts a 1-hour KIS Data/Media fire rating, a removable interior shelf, an electronic digital lock, and the smaller size conveniently fits in a closet or cabinet. A worthwhile investment for every home.


Protect your files from fire

Home Office Safety and Security Week Tips

It’s critical to have a fire-rated file cabinet that allows you to safely store your work and personal documents from fire damage, water from sprinklers or hoses, or theft.

An excellent choice that is durable and affordable is the FireKing 4-1825-C Fire File Cabinet. With a UL 1-hour Class 350 fire rating, this 4-drawer cabinet is available in multiple colors and lock styles. Function and style merge seamlessly.


Securely destroy documents

Home Office Safety and Security Week Tips

When it’s time to purge sensitive documents, you will need a shredder that can effectively destroy paper, CDs, credit cards, and those pesky staples and paperclips holding everything together.

A great option is the Formax FD 8206CC Deskside Cross Cut Shredder. It quietly shreds up to 17 sheets of paper at once. It glides smoothly on casters, has a waste bin that slides out for quick removal, and has a reverse mode for releasing paper jams.

Working from your home office has definite perks as well as safety and security challenges. You can successfully address those challenges with products like a home office safe that will provide you with the peace of mind you need in uncertain times.

Please give one of our home safety professionals a call at 800-207-2259 today! Let us know what your home office safety and security concerns are; we are here to help!


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