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How to Safely Hide Cash in Your Home

How to safely hide money in your home

During these times of economic upheaval and uncertainty due to the worldwide pandemic, many people are heading to the ATM or bank to withdraw cash.

True, your FDIC-insured funds are quite safe, but the concern now is that you will be unable to get cash from an ATM or bank because funds are unavailable due to large withdrawals by other customers. Families are following the wise recommendation to have a two-week supply of food and necessary items. But what happens if you can’t use your credit card or a check at the store or a gas station? Do you have enough cash on hand to pay for the essentials? This scenario is prompting many to withdraw substantial amounts of cash and hiding it at home.    

Although this may be a reasonable choice to make, the dangers associated with taking your money out of the protective walls of the bank include the threat of it being lost or stolen. And the more money you plan to store at home, the greater the security measures need to be to keep your money safe and provide you peace of mind.  

There are two key components to minimizing the threat of theft 

First, the fewer people that know you are keeping cash in the house the better!  Telling someone, even a trusted friend or relative, is opening the door for them to inadvertently divulge that information to someone else — someone who may now view you as a potential target.

Second, a great line of defense is a home safe. Choosing the right home safe for your situation includes learning about safe burglar ratings. 

In a nutshell, safe burglar ratings are a combination of manufacturer’s standards and Underwriter’s Laboratory burglar ratings. The ratings are guidelines that help you decide which safe/burglar rating is best for you. When choosing a burglar safe, you will see they are divided into categories based on the level of protection delivered and how it held up to testing (e.g., B-Rate, RSC-Rating, and C-Rate, etc.).  


These ratings and content values are guidelines only:

Burglar Rating

With Burglar Alarm          

  NO Burglar Alarm      

B-RateLearn More

UP TO $10,000

  UP TO $5,000

B/C RateLearn More

UP TO $20,000

  UP TO $10,000

UL RSCLearn More

UP TO $30,000

  UP TO $15,000

C-RateLearn More

UP TO $50,000

  UP TO $25,000

UL TL-15Learn More

UP TO $200,000

  UP TO $100,000

UL TL-30Learn More

UP TO $375,000

  UP TO $195,000

UL TL-30X6Learn More

UP TO $500,000

  UP TO $275,000

UL TRTL-30X6Learn More

UP TO $1,000,000+

  UP TO $500,000+


Learn more about safe ratings here:
Safe Burglar Ratings Explained. 


Feeling overwhelmed by your safe buying options?

If you feel overwhelmed in trying to choose a home safe and burglar rating category, a free consultation with a home safe professional is exactly what you need. They can answer all your questions, explain the types of safes, burglar ratings, and installation process. As experts in the field, the goal is to make every customer feel confident not only in their purchase but that their cash and valuables are protected. 

Let us help you protect your cash in a home safe. Please give one of our knowledgeable and helpful safe professionals a call at 800-207-2259 today, use our chat option or email us at [email protected]!

We can help you purchase the right home safe for your individual needs. 

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