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What to do to Prevent a Burglary in Your Home

Are you worried about a burglary in today’s world? With the economy in the United States dwindling and many people out of work, we are at an increased risk of crime – from muggings to home invasions and more. While this shouldn’t stop you from living the life you do, it is smart and prudent to take some precautions to protect yourself and your property.

1) Don’t leave ladders around the home – it gives easy access to second-floor windows and each entrance to an unprotected home

2) Install a home security system – even a sticker stating that you have a system will deter potential burglars

3) Don’t announce to the world that you’re leaving on vacation – not on Facebook, not on email, don’t let mail or newspapers collect in your mailbox or driveway

4) Always tell your neighbors when you’re heading out of town – and ask them to keep an eye on your home while you’re away

5) Think simply (& like a robber) – don’t make anything easy, even simple deterrence tactics will help you to avoid vulnerability

6) Make sure your important belongings are secure inside your home – install a safe (and make sure it is bolted to the floor)

This video by Fox News outlines some basic ways to deter robbers from your home. None of them are revolutionary, but they will make it more difficult for your home to be seen as an “easy target.”