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Proper Storage Techniques for Firearms

This may seem a bit redundant but it never hurts to have a refresher course on how to properly store firearms to ensure safety and preserve value. Here we’re going to focus on how to keep your firearm in your safe and the necessary steps you should routinely do while putting your gun away after regular use as well as how to plan for storing your gun for extended periods of time. Storing your firearms in a safe is both a matter of safety as well as security so it is important to stay on point, be informed, and adhere to the proper guidelines.

Clean it

Cleaning your gun is one of the most important steps in maintaining the value of your gun that you should always do before you store it. Be sure to thoroughly clean the gun with the proper equipment and methods especially before storing it for long periods of time. It’s recommended at the very least to clean your gun after every 100 shots fired but it never hurts to clean it more often than that. You can buy a cleaning kit that will streamline the process but this is not entirely necessary. It’s a good idea to wipe down the gun with a rag (ideally lint free) and use a solvent (make sure it won’t be damaging to your gun in any way) to really get the grime out. If you are planning to use your gun in the near future you can do a quick clean but if you are planning to store it for a long time you may want to do a full field strip and do a more thorough cleaning.

Render it Inoperable

This is especially important if you’re storing your firearm in a household with curious children about. Keeping your firearm in a safe is the first level of protection but it never hurts to have an additional level of protection. There are a few different and easy ways to render your gun inoperable. One possibility is to use a trigger lock that can be bought readily at almost any store that would sell gun accessories. Additionally, you could remove the bolt or cylinder from your gun and store it separately. It’s not always necessary to break down your gun completely but that is always another option to render your gun inoperable.

Humidity and Temperature

Lastly, you want to make sure that you have some control over the humidity and temperature of your safe where you are storing firearms. You can use desiccant packs or electronic dehumidifiers to maintain a dry environment. Additionally, it’s important to try and limit drastic changes in temperature. This can be done by choosing a proper place to store your safe or regulate the temperature inside your home.


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