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Safe Camouflage Ideas

Safe Camouflage Ideas


While, of course, owning a safe will innately protect your valuables; a lot of people often forget that the best defense is usually a multi-tiered security plan. One way to protect your things is to hide them. Even better, though, would be to hide your safe. While pretty much all safes are crack-able with enough time, effort, and tools, this is not the case if the burglar cannot even find your safe. This isn’t really a new idea. Wall and floor safes have been around for sometime but there are also a lot of other unique ways to hide your safe. One of my personal favorites is the camouflaged safe.

Here we’ll look at some different ways to hide a personal home or business safe with the use of camouflage.

The Speaker Safe

Turn your old and unused speaker into a safe!

One interesting and effective method to camouflage a safe is in the cabinet of an old speaker. The basic idea here is to hollow out an old speaker and use the box to conceal your mini safe. Of course this is only going to be effective with relatively small safes and relatively large speakers but it can make for an awesome way to camouflage your valuables in plain sight. Cheap speakers can be bought at yard sales or thrift stores and will even make for a fun DIY project. The best part of this method is the screen can be removed relatively easy for quick access to your valuables. If you really want to up the charade you can even run some dummy wires into the back and hook up other similar speakers to really sell the farce.

Want to hide money in your old computer speakers? Check out this blog, they go into detail step-by-step

Bookcase Camouflage

Most thieves are not looking for books! 

Another cool idea for camouflaging a safe is to do so with a mini safe in your bookcase by using old book spines. Again, this is only going to work with a relatively small safe but the end result should be quite convincing and not even merit a second look. In order to camouflage your small safe among your books on your bookshelf you’ll need to unfortunately dismantle a few books in the process. The basic idea is to separate the spines in such a way that they will entirely cover the front of the safe and sit flush in your bookcase. You can glue them together and leave them simply standing in front of the safe with books on either side or even attach them to the front of the safe. The end result should make for an effective way to hide your safe.

The Cardboard Box

You just need a few simple supplies...

Another interesting idea for hiding your safe can be done with a simple cardboard box and a bit of decoration to really sell the idea. What you’ll need to do is cut out the bottom of a cardboard box and place it on top of a safe. Then, for added effect you can label the box ‘Christmas decorations’ or ‘family photos’ or anything really. This will be most effective in your attic or among other storage boxes. For added effect you could scatter some Christmas decorations around the outside or even create a false top with protruding props. Since you’ve already removed the bottom you should be able to simply lift the box off for easy access.

Diversion Safes

Hide valuables in plain sight!

Diversion safes come in all different shapes, sizes and items. These safes offer great protection for your valuables and since a thief does not know what it is, they won't assume it holds you valuables. If you have a need to hide valuables in plain sight then these safes might be perfect for you. Shop our collections of diversion safes here. 

Need help finding the safe that best fits your needs? Reach out to our safe professionals by chat, phone at 800-207-2259 or email us at [email protected].



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