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Safe & Vault Conventions

When there’s a passion for something there’s also usually a convention. The same is true for safe, vaults, and home security. Attending one of these conventions is a great way to get a heads up on the newest innovations available and really scour the market for something that you might be interested in. People from all over the country come together a select few days of the year to discuss, promote, and enjoy the wonders of safes. Here we’ll look at some of the bigger conventions and maybe you can find one near you.


The Safe and Vault Technicians Association is one of the larger conventions on the topic and a must see for both eager enthusiasts as well as people in the business. The annual SAVTA convention is a combination of workshops, educational classes, and a top-notch showroom. The classes tend to be geared towards technicians and are generally focused on installation, operation, and maintenance but they could be fun for anyone if you have the interest (novices are welcome). The best part, however, is getting the real scoop on the newest technology and advancements to hit the market at the showroom. Here you’ll be able to see new products, tools, and equipment as well as have a chance to meet with the industry experts.  Lastly, if you think you have some skill you could try your hand at the Harry C. Miller Manipulation Contest where you will be pitted against others and the clock in a test of your lock manipulation skills. This convention will next meet on May 10th, 2014 in Lexington, Kentucky. Come early for the bazaar / swap meet the night of the 9th.


The International Security Conference is the go-to convention for all things security related. Here you can find just about anything you can imagine in the single most all encompassing security convention around. ISC spans 4 days with a number of workshops and educational classes as well as a showroom with the latest security related gadgets and technology available. Some of the main topics for this year’s conventions include: access control, alarms and monitoring, biometrics, fire control, networked security products, public security and safety, remote monitoring, systems integration, video surveillance, wireless applications, and more. Representatives from over 200 companies will be exhibiting their newest ideas for the world of security. Anyone interested is encouraged to come and it promises to be both fun and informative. The next event will be ISC West which will take place from April 1st - 4th, 2014 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.