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What do you do with your valuables when you travel?


One of the toughest things about travel is knowing what to do with your valuables in a hotel room? Sure there are small safes in most hotel rooms but these are usually not large enough to hold very much. I always struggle to make a choice about what I should put in this small safe and what I should leave out and trust that the hotel is safe.

For example, the last hotel I was in had such a small safe that there wasn’t enough room for my computer! So what did I do? I reluctantly placed my passport, my extra cash, and my keys in the safe and tucked my computer and other electrical equipment in my luggage. Thankfully the hotel staff were honest and nothing was missing from my stash. Usually, unless robbers know you and are looking for a specific valuable, they are unlikely to dig through too many different places. At their core, robbers and home invaders are opportunistic – if there is an open window they’ll go through it; if they have to pick a lock or break a window, they most likely won’t.

The same goes for leaving valuables around your house or hotel room. By tucking your valuables away (always best in a safe but hidden is a second option if no safe is available), you deter robbers by taking away the opportunist element. Just making it that much more difficult for potential robbers will often save you and your valuables. If you are really concerned about your valuables in a hotel room, you can see if the front desk has a larger safe in the back of the hotel and ask that your valuables be placed there. Many hotels will be happy to help you. I hope this has helped alleviate some of your worries while you travel. Do you have any good travel stories? We’d love to hear them!


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