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Where to Hide a Safe: Creative Ideas for Hiding a Safe in Your Home



Your home is your fortress, and it’s where you keep your most valuable goods. It’s important that you keep those valuables protected in a home safe. It’s also important that you keep the safe hidden away from thieves and intruders. Here are some tips for finding creative ways to hide your safe in your home. 

First, look around your home and assess any obvious places to hide your safe, and immediately rule those places out. For example, under the bed or in the bedside table are places that a thief might look right away. Next, look for places in your home that are not easily seen.

A floor safes can be buried in the concrete and hidden underneath a rug, behind a heavy piece of furniture, or underneath a pile of old magazines that appear to be rubbish; these would all be good places to hide your safe, while also not being obvious that you have a safe. You can also have your safe installed in a wallin your closet, behind a bookshelf, or in another spot in the walls of home where it will be hidden away. Also diversion safes come in all different shapes and sizes, including a tissue box or a wall clock, they are a creative way to hide your valuables in plain sight! 

Likewise, you can select a place that is hard to gain access to. An attic, a very high cupboard space, or a hidden floorboard are all places that would require considerable effort for a thief to access. When an intruder invades your home, they will try to get in and out quickly, so if your safe is hard to find, your valuables are more secure.

Lastly, be sure that you select a strong, secure safe to store your valuables. To make sure that your home is well protected, work with a safe professional who will help you pick the right safe for your needs. Give one of our trusted professionals a call at 800-207-2259 today!

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