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    3 Tips to Protect Your Home From Burglars

    Every year in the U.S., there are approximately 2 million reported home burglaries. These criminals have no remorse for the items they steal, no matter how hard a homeowner worked to obtain them. As a homeowner, it's your responsibility to do everything in your power to prevent these criminals from breaking into your home, stealing your valuable items, and causing serious emotional stress. Here are a few ways to protect your home and prevent these unfortunate burglaries from happening.

    Laptop Safes and Floor Safes

    Keeping your valuable items stored in an impenetrable safe should be required for every homeowner in the country. You'll be able to store smaller items inside laptop safesand larger important items inside floor safes. You can even get fingerprint safes that will be virtually impossible for anyone other than you to open. Opening these quality safes is a two-step process that just any criminal wouldn't be able to accomplish. First, they would have to somehow have an exact replica of your fingerprint, which is impossible unless they're James Bond, and next, they'll have to know the authentication code and type it into a keypad.

    Security Systems

    Having a quality security system for your home is a great way to prevent burglaries from happening, too. You'll be able to enjoy your time away from home knowing that nothing is going on, or at least be alerted if something were to happen. Having cameras installed around your property will prevent criminals from even attempting to break into your home. Although it's not 100% guaranteed, simply placing dummy cameras on your property will even deter burglars from attempting to steal from you because they'll assume the cameras are working.

    Talk to Your Neighbors

    It's important that you talk to all the other homeowners around your neighborhood periodically. You'll be able to find out right away if any suspicious activity has been going on in your area. You'll also develop a trusting relationship with your neighbors, which will help when you have to leave home for an extended period of time. If you're going anywhere for a long weekend or vacation, just let your neighbors know and they'll keep an eye on your property for you. Don't let burglars ruin your home owning experience, get some floor and laptop safes, install a quality security system, and stay in contact with your neighbors. Visit Safe and Vault Store to find out more about quality safes for your valuable items or call us at 800-207-2259 today!
    Dominic Schwebs

    Dominic Schwebs

    Dominic Schwebs, a home safety and security expert with over 15 years of experience is the Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Manager of the Safe and Vault Store. He thoroughly understands the art of building brand awareness and skillful product marketing using the power of social media, crafting informative and engaging blogs, producing podcasts, YouTube videos, and more. Driven by the desire to provide the ultimate user experience, he has helped to build into a top-selling, nationally recognized e-commerce site. He is tireless in his pursuit of creatively expanding content, educating about home and business safes and vaults, and taking the website to the next level. Dominic is proud to live, work, and call Spokane, WA home.


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