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    Gift Suggestions for Handgun and Pistol Owners

    Gift Suggestions for Handgun and Pistol Owners


    Are you looking for a great holiday, birthday, or anytime gift for the handgun or pistol owner in your life? There are lots of great gifts that you can buy, and the best part is that there are different gifts to fit every budget. When you think about gifts that the gun owner in your life would enjoy, consider accessories, security gear, vaults, and other safety items for suggested gifts. Gun safes are a great gift idea and they can help the gun owner in your life keep pistols and handguns safely stored away and trust us when we say: "gun owners can never have too much gun storage."  

    Safe and Vault Store has some top picks for gift that would bring joy to any firearm owner. Check out these gift ideas for the holidays or any time of year!

    4 Gifts Under $100 

    You don’t have to break the bank to buy a quality gift for the gun owner in your life. There are lots of firearm accessories that you can purchase as a gift that are very affordable. Check out these gift ideas from Safe and Vault Store for under $100.00.  


    1. SnapSafe 75250 Lock Box With Combo Lock - XXL w/ Free Security Cable

    The SnapSafe Lock Box provides secure storage for handguns and other valuables at home, on a nightstand, in the car, or when traveling. All SnapSafe Lock Boxes come with a heavy duty 1500 lb. rated steel cable that secures to any stationary object including a vehicle seat or heavy piece of furniture. The patented, space-saving receiver of the cable allows maximum storage space inside the box. The Lock Box also provides security for concealed carry permit holders.

    2. Hornady 95432 Handgun Safe Keypad Vault

    The Hornady 95432 Handgun Safe Keypad Vault is designed to hold 1911 sized pistols and 4" revolvers. It is made with a durable 16-gauge steel housing deterring pry attempts. This handgun safe offers pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.

    The Hornady 95432 Handgun Safe Keypad Vault has an improved keypad with a programmable 4 to 6 digit code. This ensures ideal security for handguns and valuables. In addition, a backup mechanical circular barrel key allows an additional method of entry.

    Hornady's 95432 Handgun Safe Keypad Vault includes an interior light so you can easily locate your handgun in the dark. easy to locate. Interior premium foam creates a soft barrier around your handgun to prevent scratches and damage.

    The Hornady 95432 Handgun Safe Keypad Vault is powered with four AAA batteries (not included). This ensures your contents are protected 24/7.


    3. Mesa MPS-1 Handgun & Pistol Safe 

    Most gun owners will agree that it is important to control who has access to your guns. Whether you are looking for security from gun theft or to protect your children from accessing your guns, the Mesa MPS-1 Handgun & Pistol Safe can help meet your needs.

    The all steel construction of the Mesa MPS-1 Handgun & Pistol Safe is made of 12 gauge thick steel. It also features a battery operated lock that is silent when entering your code. The lock has a concealed emergency key system with 2 included keys, giving you access to your guns in the event you forget your code or the batteries die.


    4. Tactical Walls IBX Tissue Box

    Having a pistol ready to defend in your home is important. Having it laying on the table is not ideal. Why not hide it in the Tactical Walls IBX Issue Box. Nobody will suspect that underneath the box of tissues is your pistol ready to go. This decorative tissue box cover comes with a 1.50" H x 4.75" W x 9.00" D customizable foam pad for the base.

    The Tactical Walls IBX Issue Box is not locking. Make sure to check for state and local jurisdictions where firearm storage laws apply, as well as any consideration to who may have access to the Issue Box.



    4 Gifts Under $300

    Safety and security are two very important aspects of gun ownership. There are several safety and security items that you can buy for gifts for the pistol or handgun owner in your life. Here are some of the top gift ideas that are under $300.00. 


    1. Hornady 98210 RAPID Vehicle Safe with RFID Lock 

    The Hornady 98210 RAPID Vehicle Safe with RFID Lock is made with a heavy-duty, tamper-proof steel housing. Predrilled holes are made available for permanent mounting inside your vehicle. The Hornady 98210 RAPID RFID Vehicle Safe is made with 14 gauge steel with internal hardened locking lugs to provide protection to your valuables. It exceeds ASTM International safety standards for child and pry resistance, lock strength, drop/pick/saw tests, and high-attack resistance.




    2. V-Line 1394-S Brute Quick Access Pistol Safe

    V-Line introduces the new 1394-S BRUTE quick access pistol safe. This solid steel clam shell designed safe is the perfect pistol box to store your handgun and keep some valuables out of the way. Don't let your pistol fall into the wrong hands! Protect it with the easy to use, state of the art solid steel locking block and dead bolt. The lock is a reliable quick release mechanical lock that will open only to those who know the combination. The heavy duty door is assisted by a gas piston to open even faster than the competitors. The lock is anti-pick and pry resistant.



    3. Stealth STL-HH-Safe Handgun Hanger Safe

    The Stealth STL-HH-Safe Handgun Hanger Safe has a unique design that will hold 3 handguns at the ready position and additional storage for 2 handguns laying flat as a back-up. This will give you quick access to your handguns in the event of an emergency. You can easily arm a family of 5 in a matter of seconds with the STL-HH-Safe's max capacity of 5 handguns.





    4. Tactical Walls 1410M Wall Clock

    The Tactical Walls 1410M Wall Clock is a surface mounted, non locking home defense solution for hiding your handgun in plain sight. You will have quick access to your handgun which is in a hidden compartment behind a functional wall clock. Installation is pretty easy. All it takes is to hang the clock in the desired location using the provided hardware.




    4 Gifts Under $500

    The gun owner in your life would love a gift that will make it easier to secure a handgun or pistol. Here are some gift ideas for under $500.00 for convenience and peace of mind for gun owners.  


    1.Vaultek NSL20i WiFi Biometric Full-Size Rugged Slider Pistol Safe

    Vaultek's NEW WiFi Enabled Biometric NSL20i Slider Pistol Safe is designed to fit larger size pistols including full-size 1911's or handguns up to 8.875" in overall length. There are 4 quick access points to get into the safe. You can use the oversized biometric scanner, backlit keypad, manual key or a smart key which is sold separately.



    2. Fort Knox 24" CAB Controlled Access Box

    The 24" wide Controlled Access Box (CAB) made by Fort Knox is a secure box that can fit inside a 24" wide gun safe or can be used as a standalone safe for handguns/ pistols or other items that you want to protect. This Fort Knox CAB Controlled Access Box comes in 3 sizes. It features a simplex lock which is very reliable and dependable. You also can't beat the Lifetime Warranty that also comes with it. Keep your guns, ammo, and other items secure and access them only when you want.




    3. Vaultek MX Large Capacity Rugged Bluetooth Smart Safe

    Vaultek has designed the MX to be a large capacity smart safe. Because it is considered a smart safe, it offers many features that most safes on the market do not. Some of these features include an LCD interface for a quick status of your safe's functions. There is a Bluetooth smart app that allows you to check your battery's status, adjust the brightness of the interior light, unlock the safe remotely, view the history log of who got into the safe, plus much more.




    4. Tactical Walls Concealment Flag of Valor with Magnetic Lock

    Tactical Wall's Concealment Flag is perfect for your garage, man cave, den or even a bedroom. It looks like wall art with a traditional American flag, but behind it is your pistols and valuables. With the magnetic locking, it will give you quick access in the event of an emergency. It slides to the left in order to comply with American Flag etiquette.




    Any of these gifts would be a great choice for the handgun or pistol owner in your life! Check out more gun safety accessories, vaults, safes, and security devices at Safe and Vault Store.