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    Gun Gifts for Girls this Christmas

    Looking to find a gift for a gun-loving gal? Sure you could just buy in M&P Shield in pink, but she may regard that as patronizing (even though the M&P Shield is an awesome CCW weapon). No, it’s time to get a little more creative. In this article, we’ll cover some great ideas for the gun-loving lady in your life.

    Pistols for Girls

    A pistol is a great gift. First of all, unless you’re buying a HK pistol, you won’t have to break the bank like you might for a rifle or a shotgun. Also, if you buy a rifle for someone who doesn’t have a large gun safe, then what are they going to do? Pistols are much easier to accommodate. Let’s get one thing straight: Women tend to have smaller hands, and they tend to like a little less recoil. But don’t go overboard. Shooting straight and handling recoil is much more about good technique than it is about big beefy arms. Plenty of people seem to think women shouldn’t be touching anything larger than a .32 and that’s just not the case. 9 mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP are all fair game. So if a woman you care about expresses a desire for a new handgun, then the question isn’t: What kind of pistol should I get for a woman? The question is: What kind of pistol should I get? Entire volumes have been written on that question. Here are some general ideas to think about.
    • Will she want a revolver or a semi-automatic? One could argue that either is more user-friendly, but in a different way. Semi-automatics are a breeze to shoot starting out, whereas revolvers are simple and unlikely to let you down. It’s all down to the personal preference of the recipient.
    • Metal or polymer frame? Here’s another topic that will get the blood pumping in many gun owners. Many don’t care, but others will defend their plastic or steel pistol choice to the death. In our opinion, lightweight guns are much nicer for everyday carry, and there’s no real evidence that polymer pistol returns worse performance. On the other hand, we have over a century of data to confirm the reliability of classic metal pistols like the 1911, so you certainly can’t go wrong there.
    • Action?This can be one of the most confusing parts of buying a handgun. Again (are you seeing a pattern?) it’s all about personal preference. But if you’re buying a weapon for a beginner or somewhat with a small arsenal, maybe buy something with a different action from what they normally use. If they mostly own striker-fired pistols, maybe they would appreciate owning a double action or single-action pistol.
    • Caliber?We’d advise going with something she can comfortably shoot, but also something she doesn’t already own. Then again, err on the side of comfort. You don’t want to buy her something she’ll never shoot. In general, if she doesn’t own a .32 pistol, a .22 pistol, or a 9 mm, get her own of those. Any gun enthusiast would like to have one of the three. If she’s expressed a desire to try larger calibers, then maybe spring for a 1911 style .45 pistol.
    • Brand?Many gun owners like to try new things, so figure out what the girl in question already owns. Glocks are a classic choice - resilient, accurate, high capacity - but they may be a little too “plain vanilla.” Going with a Sig Sauer or a Walther weapon is a bit more interesting. Walther guns especially are renowned for their ergonomics and their trigger, and they’re rather uncommon.

    We’ve just scratched the surface here, but it’s something to think about. And when in doubt - buy the gun you would want to own yourself.


    Don’t want to shell out the cash for a weapon? Maybe you’re dealing with a friend, and spending a few hundred dollars on a gift would be inappropriate. Don’t worry. Here are a few things gun owners always need:

    • Ammunition: Have you ever heard someone say “I have more bullets than I know what to do with?” Me either. Ammunition is expensive and it’s very easier to burn through the bullets at the range.
    • Magazines: By the same token, sometimes magazines can be a pain to find. And there’s no such thing as too many, especially when it comes to less common models.
    • Spare Parts: With the exception of the AK-47, guns break, and must be cleaned. After a few thousand rounds, many guns will start showing a little bit of wear on the components. It’s always nice to have spare parts lying around.
    You can also buy holsters, new grips, new sights, and various tactical contraptions. This is a bit more of a gamble though. It’s difficult to tell how any of those accessories will fit when you aren’t buying for yourself. And if you ever think, “Hey, where are they going to store all of this stuff?” Maybe you could buy apistol safe instead. Safe and Vault Store carries the bestselection of safes for storing handguns, rifles, and ammunition.