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    Jewelry Maintenance

    Jewelry is an ever popular candidate for secure storage but too often is left forgotten without proper maintenance. While the bulk of its value will be maintained over time there are a few important facets worth noting that can help keep your jewelry in its optimal condition. Here we will go into some important details for jewelry maintenance with a few tips to help you retain value and keep your jewelry looking its best.


    One thing worth noting is that when jewelry is used and worn it’s very possible for personal care products like makeup and hair care products to cause your jewelry to lose a bit of its shine and gather some accumulated grime over time. There are a few good options for cleaning but it can be somewhat dependent on the different types of gems and metals being cleaned. However, there are also a few general purpose cleaning techniques that are effective as well. A few of the more popular options include baking soda or just simple dish soap and hot water. Professional jewelry cleaning usually involves steam cleaning which is another highly effective method for cleaning jewelry.


    Another important part of jewelry maintenance is regular repair. While this might not be the most important for long periods of storage if you’re going to be regularly wearing jewelry it’s possible that a faulty clasp results in a lost bracelet or necklace. The first most important aspect of repair is regularly checking your jewelry looking for potentially damaged hardware. Most important to find are clasps and set stones that come loose over time. Depending on the quality and value of the jewelry professional repair might be the most prudent option.

    Precious Metal Care

    Over time many of the precious metals used in jewelry can lose some of their luster and require regular maintenance to keep their shine. While the most effective methods are going to differ from one metal to another the basic polishing mechanics remain the same. With a little bit of research or by consulting a professional it’s possible to do it yourself though you may have better results with a professional.

    General Tips

    When it comes to jewelry there are a few often overlooked ways to keep it in good condition. One thing not always known is not to expose your jewelry to home cleaning chemicals. This can cause a lot of different forms of damage and is something that is easily preventable. Finally, silver jewelry can be stored in special tarnish resistant bags that will slow down the oxidation process which will make cleaning later much easier.