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    Liberty HDX-350 Smart Vault Biometric Handgun Safe Video

    Hello again, Dye the Safe Guy, Dye Hawley Sales Manager for Safe & Vault Store, here today to talk about the Liberty HDX-350 Pistol & Gun Safe. This product has been developed in the United States by a former company called 9G. Liberty bought them out a few years ago and everything on this product is made in the USA. This product has a 5-year warranty by Liberty. Some of the features are, it has a finger biometric scan that will hold up to 30 different scans. So you can have 30 people have access to this pistol and gun safe.

    This pistol safe has batteries inside with an external AC adapter. Plus it has a USB charging port internal and external as well. Another nice feature of this pistol safe is that it has interior lighting. And as you can see, the door opens very quietly. It automatically opens when you scan with your finger or use the override key as shown here. Liberty has designed a tamper-resistant latch here. Notice how heavy this is. Another handy feature of the HDX-350 is this handy pull out drawer at the top. The Liberty HDX-350 is 8-3/4" high, it's 13-1/2" wide and 14.00" deep. And finally, the Liberty HDX-350 weighs 25 pounds. That is because they use 14 gauge steel in the body and at least 12 gauge in the door. So if you are interested in a quality pistol and gun safe, give us a call at Safe & Vault Thanks for listening.