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    Overview – Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Pistol Safe Video

    Hi, Dye the Safe Guy here, Dye Hawley manger of Safe & Vault Store.com. We are here today to talk about the Liberty HDX-250. The HDX-250 is a biometric pistol and gun safe. It will hold up to 2 handguns along with ammo and clips.  The dimensions are 7" tall, 11" wide and 12" deep. This safe was formally made by 9G Industries out of Kansas. This is 100% USA product. Liberty bought them out awhile back and they've really gone out and improved this product. It has a very attractive powder coating finish. It also has 15 users that you can program into it with your index finger. So if you want to go ahead and get 1-second access to your handgun, you simply swipe your finger across this access right here and the door will automatically pop open. You can grab your handgun.

    There is also this handy key override in case the lock were to fail, you can use the key override. Another nice feature about this product is you plug it into a 110V outlet and you have power. If the power goes out, there is a battery inside that keeps charged all the time. So even if your power goes out, you still have battery to operate the safe. Another thing that people don't realize is that the biometric locks out there today, many of them are very very cheap. This is one of the best biometric locks on the market today because Liberty will not go cheap on a lock. Another nice feature about the HDX-250 pistol and handgun is that it is made out of heavy gauge steel - 14 gauge steel. The safe itself weighs 14-15 pounds and it also has a 5-year warranty from the factory.

    A really nice feature is the foam padding all around the interior of the HDX-250 to protect your weapons and bluing. Finally, the HDX-250 has a hardened case hardened steel latch system. This latching system is far superior to other products on the market. So you really can't go wrong with the Liberty HDX-250 handgun & pistol safe. Made in the USA, 5-year warranty, great product. Thanks for listening. This is Dye Hawley, manager of Safe & Vault Store.com. If you have any more questions, give us a call at 800-207-2259.